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To bring your own car on base, the service member will need to request a base pass, which should be done at least a week before you visit.

so, if my grandma isrenting us a car to travel to san antonio for the Air force graduation, will it be a problem if the rental papers show her name and

Isthere a military discount? Yes. All US military personnel (active and retired) receive 5% off.

USAG Schinnen is the only military facility run by the United States of America in the eastern part of BENELUX. It is located in Netherlands and is actually a co-base, which means the American may run it, but they have to stick to the Dutch laws and regulations. BENELUX is a fictional area that includes...

Though thereare striking socio-economic disparities and a high number of unemployed young people in Djibouti – reasons why the collected rent from the foreign militarybasesis crucial for the country’s economic growth – good hotel facilities and carrentals can be found almost everywhere in the...

Though technically not foreign bases, thereare foreign units permanently based in the US for training purposes.

Carrental companies charge driver fees to those under the age of 25. Here's how you can avoid those fees and find discounts to save money.

As of 2015 thereare eight militarybases in North Carolina. Thereare also two coast guard bases. The United States Army, Navy and Air Force all have at least one base in North Carolina, while the Marine Corps has three. Pope Air Force Base is located near Fayetteville, in Cumberland County...

Offer isbased on the US currency. Discount is 20% off rentals any day of the week.

If the caris driven less than 75 miles thereis a $15.99 USD -or $16.99 USD in California refueling fee unless a gas receipt is presented at the time of

Veterans, active duty military, National Guard, and Army Reserve members and their families receive a special Dollar discount of 5% through the VetRewards program by

Thrifty CarRentalis proud to offer military and government carrental discounts and perks to those who serve our country – and their families, too.

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At this time thereis no update to how militarybasesare handling this legislation. As of now a state issued driver's license should suffice when entering the

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Pricier rentalcar categories such as luxury vehicles, vans, and SUVs are usually off limits to renters in this age group.