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Boxoffice insiders weigh in on Avengers: Endgame's potential to surpass Avatar as the biggest

"Avatar" sped past the $1 billion mark at the worldwide boxoffice after three weekends in release, making it the fourth-biggest movie of all time, according to

Much of “Avatar’s” striking boxoffice haul came from overseas, where the movie earned over $2 billion alone. It surpassed the $100 million mark in nine

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After its staggering, record-shattering boxoffice debut, there's reason to believe Avengers: Endgame will top Avatar's all-time global mark.

"Avatar" opened two weekends earlier with $77 million, a strong start but far below dozens of other

James Cameron’s unstoppable Avatar is entering its fifth weekend with more dominant ticket sales. Fandango tells us that 80% of its ticket sales for Avatar have been for the 3D and IMAX screenings and for the fifth weekend, 73% of its advanced ticket sales are for Avatar, followed by The Book of Eli...

Avatar has the advantage of showing in 3-D (which usually commands an average $3 extra per ticket) and

According to studio estimates, "Avatar" will finish atop the weekend boxoffice for the fifth consecutive weekend, taking in a projected $41.3 million

But circling back to those boxoffice numbers, and though Avengers: Endgame is certainly slowing down a bit as the weeks go on, there’s still hope it could topple Avatar and with another solid weekend in the books, fans will continue to keep those fingers crossed.

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The big issue for preserving box-office momentum will be keeping audiences interested. The Force Awakens, Creutz points out, was

...American boxoffice and $1.9 billion in worldwide ticket sales to become the fifth-highest grossing film of all time, having made quick work of Furious 7, the original Avengers, and Jurassic World.

With very few box-office frontiers to conquer, including the $1 billion mark in North America, and a penciled-in reservation in the exclusive $2 billion club, if Force Awakens winds up sandwiched between the two biggest movies of all-time, Avatar and Titanic , no one associated with the film will be singing...