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Currently, China is ranked third on the averagelevelofeducation, with increasing amount of graduates, doctorates and scientists, under the pressure of the government to achieve a supernation of best education, military and economy. However, China did not participate in many international...

A broad analysis of Education in China, including an overview of the K-12 landscape, a guide to higher education institutions and their admissions requirements

Provincial Education Breakdown in China. Primary and Secondary Education.

Chinaeducation is the largest education system in the world. China has a long history of providing education to international students studying in high schools and universities in China. Over the past few years, the number of international students who study abroad in China has significantly increased...

The Compulsory Education Law ofChina stipulates nine years of government funded compulsory school attendance, which includes six

EDUCATIONOFCHINA Since 1949, when the People's Republic ofChina was founded, The Chinese government has placed priority on developing education

What would the averageeducationlevelofChina be today had it implemented this alternative policy? According to Cowen’s logic, today’s Chinese would be at least as educated, and if anything far more educated (because childless aunts and uncles would have extra resources to contribute to the rare...

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The language of instruction is Mandarin Chinese with the exception of the primary schools that mainly admit ethnic minority students.

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On average, the typical salary for both public and private institutions is between RMB 10,000-RMB 15,000 ($1,400-$2,200) a month.

The same is true ofChina’s levelofeducation, as measured by the average years of schooling among the country’s adult population.

But the quality of education is becoming increasingly important. How does the quality of education vary

...Center for Education Statistics of the U.S. Department of Education Approximately 34 percent of Americans had completed a bachelor's or higher degree

The modern education system ofChina is composed of three parts: pre-school education, basic education and higher education. The Chinese government made a law for a free nine-year compulsory education (six years of primary education and three years of secondary education) on...

At present, the averageeducationlevelof the Chinese is only around eight years, the same as that in countries with the lowest income.

Chapter 1 ORGANISATION AND MANAGEMENT OF EDUCATION IN CHINA 7 Introduction 8 China’s education system 9 Teachers and teaching

Average number of completed years of education of a country's population aged 25 years and older, excluding years spent repeating