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BarrelRacing - Discuss barrelracing, the popular rodeo event where riders maneuver their horse through a clover leaf pattern around three barrels.

Learn rope handling & horsetraining techniques off pro ropers. BarrelRacing.

Post your favorite barrelracing tips and hints for other barrelracers. What has worked for you and what hasn't.

Successful barrelracing is a fine balance between gut and technique. You need to be ready, your horse needs to be ready, and most importantly

BarrelRacing Drills and Exercises to help you improve your horsemanship and barrelracing.

Barrelracing on an Appaloosa | Source. The Appaloosa is a lovely breed of horse that has its own racing events. A good breed for kids.

Welcome to the #1 Source for BarrelHorseTraining Videos. features a growing library of videos featuring some of the world’s most respected trainers and competitors. New videos added weekly, and new trainers and experts added regularly.

Description. Move your horse around the barrels in the correct order. Control. Arrow key up = accelerate Arrow key down = move backward Arrow key left = turn left Arrow key right = move right Spacebar = slow down.

How to BarrelRace. Barrelracing is one of the most exciting events in a rodeo. Audiences love watching horse and rider race around the barrels.

Horses For Sale: Bulldog, Haze, Rope, Ranch, BarrelHorse Mare AQHA # XD658508 SHEZA DESERT FLOWER (Rosie) is WICKED FAST.

Lyndee has been trainingbarrelhorses for more than 20 years and will overlook some conformation faults for a good pedigree.

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I offer barrelracing tips, barrelracing articles for barrel horsetraining, and barrelracing exercises & drills for professional barrelracing.

Barrelracinghorses often run well into their teens and twenties, so novice riders shouldn't steer away from horses that are a little long in the teeth.

NFR qualifier, AQHA World Champion and barrelhorsetrainer Kristen Weaver-Brown talks to BarrelRacing Buzz about the third barrel. Watch the video and let Kristen give you some great tips. She is really well spoken and explains her beliefs really well.

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