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BattlestarGalactica fans have been at a loss for words when asked to explain what terms like centon or micron mean, and other Colonial time units.

The BattlestarGalactica timeline takes all of the BSG media and places it in chronological order.

Table of contents. Unit I: introduction. 1. Legal Stuff 2. Version Information 3. Acknowledgements 4

BattlestarGalactica – BG 75, Galactica Class military battlestar.

Strategies of BattlestarGalactica. Human Player Strategy. The ultimate goal for the human players is to conserve enough resources to travel eight unitsof distance and then jump to Kobol. This makes their immediate goal to preserve resources, and their long-term goal to travel enough distance.

BattlestarGalactica returns tonight, and I for one am giddy as a schoolgirl on crack.As the second half of the fourth and final season begins, there are many questions to be answered. How will the colonists and Cylons deal with the long-searched-for earth turning out to be a desolate, Planet-of-the-Apes-type...

This time, of course, it’s all rendered in the dull, muffled sounds of machine gun fire that is so iconic of BattlestarGalactica.

List of the best BattlestarGalactica episodes, as determined by voters like you. With a cult following and strong cast of characters, BattlestarGalactica is often considered one of the greatest space western shows of all time. With all the amazing episodes of the show that exist, it's hard to trust just...

BattlestarGalactica was a pioneer of the binging age. Before streaming services made it way too easy to watch seasons of shows at a time, BSG helped create the need for that type of service. The show's miniseries pilot with its killer twist hooked audiences in a way they hadn't been hooked since Lost.

A really quick BattlestarGalactica summary: Cylons are sentient robots; they rebelled against their human masters; the surviving humans are fleeing through space

BattlestarGalactica. Number of Seasons: 4 (73 episodes). Time Requirements: If you're hooked (and you probably will be), you can easily knock

Synopsis: This update of the late-1970s series takes a decidedly darker tone as what's left of humankind struggles for survival against the robot is a BSG inspired Social Network that welcomes all fans of BattlestarGalactica.

Recently I’ve been rewatching “BattlestarGalactica.” On a rewatch, I feel like it’s a very long haul.

But BattlestarGalactica: Deadlock solves all of these issues single-handedly, with tactical-strategy gameplay featuring Cylons, Vipers, and Battlestars.