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For theserver IP I have used both the Hamachi IP and also one with :25565 at the end. Neither will let them reachtheserver. They are however able to get on each others servers just fine so I don't know whats going on but is literally giving me a huge headach.

"Can't Reach Server" (Hamachi). Discussion in 'Server Tech Support' started by Bruce Davidson, Dec 15, 2012.

so i wanted to make a minecraftserver that me and my friends could go on. i don't want to port forward so don't tell me to go and do that. anyway i start

8. Theserver starts just fine, if I have it in my server list, I can see that you can connect to it, but when I (or anyone else for that matter) try to, they cannot.

What is Hamachi? You can play online Minecraft with LAN support. Hamachi createsa virtual LAN across the Internet.

Experiencing Minecraft Lag With Hamachi? Check out this guide which outlines some of the most

Theserver is operating correctly - I believe - since I can connect with a client on that same computer. Theserver also hasn't got any mods running. Hamachi apears to be working correctly too, the PC running theserver shows up with a green icon saying "direct tunnel". I also moved myHamachi...

Close the "Minecraftserver" window when it finishes loading. Once you see "Done" in the line of text at the bottom of the window, click the X in the top-right corner of the

This video is a tutorial on how to setup a multiplayer Minecraftserver for you and your friends. This tutorial is shorter then others as i have

The hamachi part yes as long as the hamachi is active for that server theserver itself cant run though as theserver is local to the computer.

Setting up your Minecraftserver using Hamachi is often perceived as doing it the “easy way”. If you want a big Minecraftserver that can be accessed by the general public then this isn’t what you’re looking for, but if you want a Minecraftserver that can quickly and easily be set up for you and your...

But today, I can't connect to the Hamachiservers and I'm not sure why. I have two computers in my network sharing a public IP, and one can connect

If you have the MinecraftServer, great, if not, get it from here: [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] Then when thats all done, open the .zip

I fixed my DNS settings, but now it says "can't reachserver'', with every single MCSG server I try (every region)! Other servers still work, however.

My first Bukkitserver on the real Minecraft Client,I was proud of myself for that Server Owners: crs100. Plugins installed: Essentials Survival Games (I will soon