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Homemade SlowCookerBread is always much more delicious than store-bought, and this recipe couldn’t be easier. This simple white bread is easy to make and uses ingredients you probably already have on hand. Once you make your first loaf of breadin the slowcookeryou will want to make it...

Slowcookers are most often used for cooking roasts or soups, but they make moist cakes and quick breads, as well. Although cooking banana breadin a slowcooker takes more than double the amount of time needed in a conventional oven, the bread turns out moist and tender...

Line a slowcooker with parchment paper. In a large bowl, combine yeast and sugar. Add water and stir until combined.

This slowcooker banana bread comes out to be incredibly moist and is the perfect breakfast or dessert dish.

Slowcooking steak is a wonderful way to make savory and tender fillets each time. Slowcooking steak for hours on end allows for the flavors to fully saturate the meat

The key to cooking fish in a slowcooker without making your house smell like seafood is to wrap the fish in foil. You're essentially baking the fish in the slowcooker, and the foil traps not only the odors but also moisture and seasonings, leaving you with a tender, flaky entree.

Who knew you could bake breadin a slowcooker. Probably you did. But I didn’t. That is until my talented friend Jane sent me this pumpkin bread recipe and

What can't a slowcooker do? Honestly, I ask myself this questions semi-regularly. Not only does it turn tough cuts of meat into fall-off-the-bone dinners, it also churns out crazy

How long to cook meat in a slowcooker is way more important than the answer to: What temperature does a slowcookercook at?

This SlowCooker Banana Bread is perfect for summer when you need a baked good to cure that sweet tooth, but you don’t feel like heating up the whole house. Plus, nothing beats the smell of fresh banana bread, so why not let it cook all day long.

1 loaf challah bread (about 1 pound), cut into cubes, 6 large eggs, 2 cups vanilla almond milk (or normal milk), 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon, 1 tablespoon vanilla extract, 2 heaping tablespoons nutella, plus more for topping, pinch salt, 1 tablespoon unsalted butter, 4 bananas...

"Slowcookers are excellent at braising or cooking things like tough cuts of meat and vegetables in a small amount of liquid.

Baking bread can be a time consuming task, I’ve dabbled here and there and came up with some

If you can fit one in you can also put a metal cake tin (round or loaf tin) in your slowcooker pot, and bake your cake in that. To stop moisture from the slowcooker lid dripping onto your bake put a tea/dish towel under the lid. A few sheets of kitchen roll folded over will also do the same job.

Slowcooking can produce dishes with more liquid due to the condensation formed on the lid and the fact the lid stays closed so that it doesn’t reduce like

Slowcooker no-knead bread Servings: 6 Prep time: 15 minutes (does not include rising time) Cook time: 2 hrs Total time: 5 hrs, 45 minutes (includes rising time).

You can make nearly anything in a slowcooker, from delicious roasts and side dishes to stews and soups.

Turn off slowcooker, and allow to sit uncovered for 5 minutes, then run a knife around edge of the slowcooker and transfer monkey bread onto separate serving plates.

Where is the SlowCooker Pumpkin Pecan Bread Pudding Recipe? In this post, I will share step-by-step instructions with photos for how to make the bread pudding, as well as answering FAQs about the recipe and showing a video of the recipe in motion. But you can go directly to the recipe by scrolling...