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For example, if you have healthinsurance through work, you'd most likely have to bring something under ERISA. Otherwise, you may have a cause of

Peter Moraga, spokesperson for the Insurance Information Network of California, says that often matters can be settled between yourself and your insurer through negotiation. If you feel like your claims adjuster isn't being fair with you, "you should go to a higher-up in the company," Moraga...

Car insurance is made up of several different types of coverages. Here we explain how accidents, injuries and damages

An insurance attorney can explain the kinds of damages available to you, since each state has different rules about the types of damages you

The cost of your healthinsuranceplan could be affected by age and tobacco use, but you will not be declined for an individual healthinsuranceplan due to pre-existing conditions.

Remember that you can sue the healthinsurancecompany in the federal court. The success will depend on the insurance plan and the law of your state.

Car insurancecompanies have the responsibility to act in “good faith” when responding to a claim.

Car insurance settlement for lost wages: taxable. Compensation for lost wages is intended to replace what

You can't talk to one! No, you get a boiler room of people who type in your case file and promise they will send an urgent request to the

healthinsurance in 3 easy steps! Step 1: Answer a few non-personally identifiable questions.

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(Updated, 2019) Are youpaying more for health care because you have healthinsurance than a

If you have an insurance policy in place, an event happens giving rise to a claim on that policy, and the insurancecompany does not act as it is supposed to

In general, ahealthinsurance plan offers a financial guard against financial drainage on several

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Contact your insurancecompany to find out when and how to make your payments. Pay by your due date. If you don't, you could lose your coverage.

Good Neighbor Insurance provides international grouphealthinsurance and comprehensive insurancefornon-profits, insurance for mission agencies, as well as for social entrepreneurs and

If you're injured and your medical insurancepays the hospital bills, canyou still sue and recover money for the cost of your medical treatment?

The buyer, or his/her insurancecompany, suesyou for the cost of repairing or rebuilding the house.

You might be able to sue your insurance agent for misrepresentation, but it’s better to avoid that situation by doing your homework, knowing what

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You can always signup for a marketplace insurance plan if you have had a qualifying life event.

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Doctors and insurancecompanies are fighting with drugmakers on the skyrocketing cost of cancer drugs.

"Thanks for your excellent website. My insurancecompany was giving me a hard time, but

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Life insurance can be paid as annual payouts instead of a lump-sum. In this situation, some life insurancecompanies will pay interest to you

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You can be sued if you have no insurance or the insurance isn’t payingout the other driver’s claim. Learn how to protect yourself here.

Aetna provides insurance products for companies that offer insurance to their employees, as well as those for individuals and families. While getting healthinsurance through work is seen as a great benefit, it’s not realistic for everyone. Also, many people find that they can better tailor a plan to their...

Medical Malpractice Insurance costs tend to vary among states and specialties. Learn and view our full expert overview of Medical Malpractice Insurance costs and what factors

Casualty Insurance - That type of insurance that is primarily concerned with losses caused by injuries to

Critical illness insurance could protect you from financial ruin if you're faced with ahealth emergency, but its important to weigh the pros and cons.

The insurancecompany already has a formula for calculating what they will pay for that strep test.

If you own your own business, your healthinsurance considerations are liable to be different than those of the typical salaried worker. For starters, the IRS permits business owners to claim their own healthinsurance costs as a "business deduction." This is one of the biggest incentives for American...

Under Virginia law, healthinsurancecompanies are prohibited from requiring you to pay them back if you receive payment for those bills from the other

That's because most insurance policies encompass any immediate family members who live with

Changes in the health status of a patient can happen slowly or suddenly and nurses are responsible for observing a patient’s ongoing progress. The timeliness and accuracy in interpreting a patient’s signs and symptoms and reporting any health status changes to a physician can often mean the difference...

Buying healthinsurance can double up as your emergency financial fund while preparing you for

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