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You and the insurancecompany hire lawyers. Your goal is to hire a qualified lawyer, experienced in suinginsurance

Peter Moraga, spokesperson for the Insurance Information Network of California, says that often matters can be settled between yourself and your insurer through negotiation. If you feel like your claims adjuster isn't being fair with you, "you should go to a higher-up in the company," Moraga...

The favorite tactics of insurance adjusters is delay, deny, and blame others. Your insurancecompany has a 'duty of good faith and fair dealing' towards you under the Texas Insurance Code.

An insurance attorney can explain the kinds of damages available to you, since each state has different rules about the types of damages you

Is there a motorcycle insurancecompany in ontario that can give rates similar to progressive? PLUS they have to be able to insure 16 year olds

You can sue anyone for anything, so the answer is yes. The cost of the lawyer might be A LOT, you'll have to pay that up front.

Healthinsurance is not cheap, and it can be tempting to go without coverage, especially if you never get sick. With the expensive monthly cost and out-of-pocket expenses, you may be wondering how much you really need coverage. Many people in their twenties feel they are healthy enough to skip...

You can't talk to one! No, you get a boiler room of people who type in your case file and promise they will send an urgent request to the

Your insurancecompany won’t technically sueyou – but they may prosecute you for insurance fraud.

Read about why you need healthinsurance. You may have to pay a fee (individual mandate penalty) and more.

Healthinsurance has become so complicated that disputes between people and their insurancecompanies are frequent. If an insurancecompany has denied you coverage for needed care or refused to authorize a procedure, a lawsuit is one way to receive financial compensation, and...

You can sue your insurancecompanyfor the full amount of benefits that has been denied to you as well as for any economic loss or emotional

The cost of your healthinsuranceplan could be affected by age and tobacco use, but you will not be declined for an individual healthinsuranceplan due to pre-existing conditions.

If your insurancecompany misrepresents their product, you can sue them. However, if your agent misrepresents the product, canyousue them? Generally, the answer is yes if you relied on information that he or she gave to

Yes, you can sueahealthinsurancecompanyfor denying a claim for treatment, but you must follow a specific procedure to do so legally.

California insurancecompanies primarily factor in your age, your driving record and how many miles you drive when deciding how much youpay. But every company uses its own method for assessing risk. That’s why the cost for the same policy can vary significantly among insurancecompanies...

Find out if that insurance department has a division specializing in health insurers and their beneficiaries. If so, they can provide you with

Modern life insurance policies have seen a monumental improvement in how payouts can be delivered to the policy’s beneficiaries, says Bernstein.

If the company purchases the life insurance policy than the company is the owner and beneficiary. You could own the policy personally and if a bank requires the life insurance for business puposes and provides documentation regarding this you may be deduct your premiums for insurance purposes.

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