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Our compostaerationtool helps to ensure a regular oxygen supply for quick composting. Push it in and as it withdraws, the paddles spread out and lift the compost easily.

CompostAerationTool. micomposttool. $39.99. Product Description. Help your compost pile decompose faster, and stay soft and non-compacted.

Green Mountain Technologies is a compost consulting company providing commercial composting solutions to industries and municipalities around the world.

CompostAerationTool. Mixing compost with this lightweight and efficient mixing tool helps to ensure a regular oxygen supply for quick composting.

By means of aeration micro-organisms in the compost are optimally supplied with the necessary oxygen. Aeration controlled by probes inside the compost heap reduces the decomposition time...

ECS CompostAeration Floors - The Foundation of Aerated Compost System Design.

A compostaerator is a specialized tool that is used to aerate and turn the compost pile in the bin. Gardeners can choose from two main types: plunger and corkscrews.

Rehabilitate soil with aeratedcompost tea. Containing thousands of useful microorganisms, this method is sure to bring life to barren patches of dirt. By Leila Darwish.

Compost Info Guide. Compost Tips, Composting Aritcles, Compost Bin reviews and much more...

Composting Products Including In-Vessel Composting & Biodrying Systems. ICS Composting, MBT, and Biodrying Systems. Agitated bay with forced aeration type technology for the toughest...

Aeration is necessary in high temperature aerobic composting for rapid odor-free decomposition.

Sustainability starts with composting; keeping organics out of the landfills – managing agricultural residuals in a manner that eliminates pollution from fugitive methane, leachate and nitrates.

A compost pile that is well managed, with good aeration, heat and moisture can process meats and dairy- however many of the community hubs prefer not to accept meats and dairy because they are...

Composting Basics: AeratingCompost Piles. Aeration is probably the most critical of the composting basics. Once the pile is built, you need to make sure the center of the pile stays aerated.

Compost safely and keep your environment clean. Shop for books, bins and worms for

Compost is what you get when yard and garden debris, kitchen scraps and other organic materials have completely broken down into a rich, dark, crumbly material. Gardeners call it “black gold...

Composting turns household wastes into valuable fertilizer and soil organic matter.

'Revolver' CompostAerator. Aeration is a critical part of the composting process and needs to be done regularly so you

Aerationtool for compost. Scope of delivery: aerationtool Measures: 78 cm long Weight: approx. 1 kg including packing Material: GRP-plastic Colour: black Miscellaneous: stable construction, point...