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Cross-testing is a plan design concept which allows a company to define classes of employees and contribute profitsharing contributions on a percentage basis to each class. Cross-testing works best in a company which has a business owner who is slightly older than the rest of the employees.

Profitsharingplans are retirement plans that allow employers to determine how much they will

Coveragetesting analyzes whether an adequate proportion of the employees that the plan benefits are non-highly compensated employees (NHCEs), as

A profit-sharingplan, also known as a deferred profit-sharingplan or DPSP, is a plan that gives employees a share in the profits of a company.

Implementing a ProfitSharingPlan: Drafting a Comprehensive Plan. Any successful plan will have clearly defined written terms, but there's plenty to consider when drafting the document. "What I've found with profitsharing programs, is that if they're not really thought through, they can become a...

A profit-sharingplan accepts discretionary employer contributions. There is no set amount that the law requires you to contribute. If you can afford to make some amount of

Traditional ProfitSharingPlans: In traditional profitsharingplans, all participants receive an equal profitsharing allocation.

Profitsharingplans are defined contribution plans, where an employer can determine how much and when the company contributes to the retirement plan. In most cases, the funding for each account is based on the employee’s salary level, with each employee given a share in the company’s profits.

Profit-sharingplans are well established in American business. The annual U.S. Chamber of Commerce Employee Benefits Survey indicates

A profitsharingplan is one way to give your employees a vested interest in making the company more successful. The more profitable the company is, the more profit there is to share and that means each employee gets more of a bonus. You should follow some profitsharingplan rules to make sure you...

Stock Purchase Plan Another way to share in the company’s success is through the stock purchase plan.

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Profitsharingplans offer both design flexibility and discretion as to making contributions. Company contributions are determined by the employer and can be allocated in a number of ways.

Profitsharingplans are incentive programs offered by a business to employees who rely on the company’s profitability.

The minimum coveragetest is one of several nondiscrimination tests a plan must satisfy in order to remain compliant with IRS rules.

Profitsharingplans are usually incentive plans that provide a distribution of a portion of profits or, for publicly traded companies, a distribution of

A profitsharingplan can be an innovative way for a business to compensate employees and also motivate them to perform.

Profit-SharingPlans: The Basics. With a profit-sharingplan, an employer establishes and makes voluntary contributions to employees’ retirement accounts. These contributions can be made from the profits of the business (hence the name) and can be suspended at the discretion of the employer.

Cross-testedProfitSharingPlans. Small to mid-size professional services firms often do not realize one of the significant advantages they enjoy over their larger competitors. Smaller firms have the ability to be flexible in the design of their retirement plans to help retain, reward...

A New Comparability ProfitSharingPlan is a plan design created from recent nondiscrimination regulations published by the IRS.

A profitsharingplan allows you to take excess money after the end of a fiscal year and distribute it to employees’ retirement plans.

A profit-sharingplan is simply a feature that is added to a normal 401(k) plan: it is a defined contribution plan option in which the employer is granted responsibility for determining when and how much the company contributes to the plan. The amount allocated is usually based on the employee’s...

The Employee ProfitSharingPlan provides eligible employees with the opportunity to receive an annual cash bonus based upon profitability of the