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Entertainment The CraziestEyes of CrazyEyes. Logan Rapp. 1.8k votes 376 voters 40.8k views 23 items. She's the most confusing, hilarious, and mysterious character in the award-winning Orange

OrangeIstheNewBlack's Uzo Aduba took home a second Emmy for playing Suzanne "CrazyEyes" Warren to perfection. Over the course of three seasons, she transformed what could have just been a funny background character into one of the most heartbreaking and interesting parts of the whole show.

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Suzanne "CrazyEyes" Warren (Uzo Aduba) just wants to be seen. And in the second season of Netflix's hit series OrangeIstheNewBlack someone's eyes are finally opened to the committed, loving person she's capable of being. The only problem is that person also knows how to manipulate...

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Profession... prisoner. The warden would say her job is to clean the bathrooms, but it’s not like that takes up a lot of time.

After four years, the story of Suzanne "CrazyEyes" Warren was told on OrangeIstheNewBlack. Oh, what a heartbreaking story it was. Viewers already were clued in on a bit of Uzo Aduba's story when they learned the beginnings of her stage fright as she grew up, but now the series revealed her...

CrazyEyes is Piper's first official suitor when she arrives in Litchfield -- a seemingly benign ally who then makes unwanted sexual advances during an inmate movie screening. While Piper tries to let down CrazyEyes gently, the rejection is not taken lightly. CrazyEyes takes out her hurt feelings by peeing...

Uzo Aduba isthe actress known for her role as CrazyEyes in OrangeIsTheNewBlack. But she revealed her real nickname at the TIME 100 gala.

That final scene isthe part of “Can’t Fix Crazy” that bothered me. Pennsatucky’s quest for revenge felt like plot for plot’s sake, the character going full nutso for the sake of

Towards the end of the season Suzanne is humanized and portrayed as intelligent and misunderstood. Later Suzanne is manipulated by one of the inmates to become her right hand woman so Suzanne beats up and threatens fellow inmates for her.

Netflix is throwing pies for you this week, just like CrazyEyes from OrangeIstheNewBlack angrily did for prison newbie Piper Chapman in Season 1.

The Top 10 OrangeIstheNewBlack Betrayals. A New York woman struggles to adjust to life in a federal prison.

OrangeistheNewBlack's fourth season is here! Before you sit down to binge-watch, get to know Piper, Alex, and CrazyEyes even better with these facts about what goes on behind the scenes of Litchfield Penitentiary. 1. competition for the rights to piper kerman's memoir was...

From Weeds creator Jenji Kohan comes OrangeistheNewBlack, a women’s prison drama with comedy that takes no prisoners.

“Lesbian Request Denied,” the third episode of OrangeIsTheNewBlack, wasthe big press-grabber. Lots of that press has been deserved.


Suzanne Warren, aka CrazyEyes, is one of my favorite characters on OrangeIsTheNewBlack. She is funny, has a strong moral core, and, like the rest of us

I'd venture to guess that a flashback episode devoted to CrazyEyes/Suzanne was at the top of many of your…

CrazyEyes is determined to win Piper a.k.a Dandelion’s heart, so she comes up with a catchy “song” that paints an image of the two of them as a couple in simple terms.

Uzo has been part of the OrangeIstheNewBlack cast from the very first season in 2013. For her performance as Suzanne “CrazyEyes” Warren, she has received

As played by Uzo Aduba, CrazyEyes is at times the heart of the show, and at other times flat-out terrifying. But no matter what, she’s a captivating presence — one you could discover for yourself in person. READ MORE: Your Spoiler-Light ‘OrangeIstheNewBlack’ Season 2 FAQ: John Green...

On Season 4, Episode 11 of OrangeIstheNewBlack, Suzanne's backstory was revealed. And, as it turns out, her history is a lot darker than I think anyone could've

CrazyEyes is one of Piper’s early encounters with prison culture, falling into an unwritten rule where accepting help from a prisoner might make said prisoner

The show's protagonist is a bourgeois, white New Yorker, which—for the most part—is not representative of women in the criminal justice

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