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Understanding the fundamental structure of the class system of the time is critical to comprehending the ins and outs of dailylife in MiddleAges. Classes were established at birth, and little if any room was available for an individual to change his station in life. Nobles could lose favor and find...

Even inthe later MiddleAges, the medieval peasant's life was hard and the work back-breaking.

IntheMiddleAges people were divided into groups based on what skills they had, skills such as

Inthemiddleofa peasant's hut was a fire used for cooking and heating.

Work inthe fields or on the land started by dawn and the dailylifeofa peasant included the following common tasks. Reaping - To cut crops for harvest with a scythe, sickle, or reaper.

TheMiddleAges in Europe occurred between 500 and 1500 CE. The government of Rome had disappeared.

This video shows the dailylifeof the Pope, Peasant, a woman peasant, Lord, Knight, Monk, Nun, Noblewoman, King, and the Jesters life inthemiddleages.

The dailylifeof lower class women intheMiddleages was hard. Women were expected to help their peasant husbands with their daily chores as well as attending to provisions and the cooking of daily meals and other duties customarily undertaken by women. http...

Provides information on the dailylifeof people during theMiddleAges, covering such topics ascooking, cleaning, clothing and dress, medicine, and leisure time.

IntheMiddleAges most people lived on a manor . It was a village with a castle, a church and some land around it.

In a nutshell, theMiddleAges weren't much different than the 1800's. Because I read the Little House series (14 times) and do Each subject is organized

One of the main issues connected to food during theMiddleAges was the preservation of food. Unlike today, people did not have methods to freeze their

Inthe earlier middleages, the person doing the dubbing would actually hit the squire forcefully, knocking him over. After the dubbing, a great feast

Ladies of theMiddleAges had many jobs, they had to manage and defend people, act as judges, supply higher lords with knights, running estates, and overseeing the

People intheMiddleAges were utterly unfamiliar with change. They had no sense of what another time might be like. When they thought of the ancient

Her section on the dailylifeof Charles V begins with him rising from bed inthe morning, typically between six and seven o’clock.

As you might guess, the dailylifeofa man, woman, or child could be very different based on whether he or she lived during the Early, High, or Late MiddleAges and depending on what sort of status in society he or she held. For instance, the lifeofa noble was very different from the lifeofa peasant...

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TheMiddleAges did not have Goretex but it certainly had featherbeds, wool blankets, and furs to keep them

When we think about dailylifeintheMiddleAges, we cannot ignore the death rate that, compared to that of modern times, was horrendously high. This was particularly true for children , who have always been more susceptible to disease than adults. Some might be tempted to see this high rate of...

Children under the age of five usually dressed like their parents but simpler and with slippers instead of shoes.