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You'll needa component to decode surroundsound audio etc. An Audio Video Receiver ...

A typical SurroundSound Receiver, has two main jobs to do. It process the signal it's getting from the Blu-ray player, or Apple TV, and it amplifies (or

The first thing you'll need to do when looking for a surroundsoundamplifier is to figure out what features are important to you. If you're like me

A simple way of improving the sound in your room. Firstly, you'll needanamplifier and some

This is done by creating a "virtual" surround effect using just a pair of speakers or three – of course there has to be anamplifier attached as part of

You only needanamplifier when the maximum output of your source—a smartphone, laptop, or something else—is lower than what your headphones require

I want a new surroundsound setup that will work for: My iBook's Airport Express base station, my Xbox's audio and possibly my TV as well. I know you often needa reciever or something of that nature to connect all these things up so i am going to try and give as much info as i can so that the audio...

What does a preamp do and doIneed one? A preamp is a “pre amplifier” and, as the name suggests, it prepares the signal coming from a pickup or microphones for further

For true surround, you need at least 4 speakers. There are systems that create a 'virtual surroundsound' using acoustic tricks from a single array of speakers, but the effect is limited in frequency response

For a 62 ohm headphone like the K702, optimal would be around 8 ohms or lower. So there could be some benefit of going with a headphone amp in improving

ive got a mixed bag of speakers and i dont watch alot of television or movies but when ido wold like to be able to use the sonos as surroundsound. i...

When positioning a sound manually on an older type of console, you generally need to operate at least two separate controls.

What are Headphone Amps? A headphone amplifier is simply a device that delivers electrical power to headphones. In modern times, they are tiny and inexpensive.

"SurroundSound" has referred to a number of different products over the years. Many mass-fi receivers have "SurroundSound" buttons that do little more than muck up the

You can maximize the surroundsound experience in a home theater by positioning the surroundsound speakers properly. The speakers in a home

For example: A party boat where you plan on hosting a lot of people and dancing will definitely needanamplifier. Human bodies can really dampen sound, so