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Many people with digestive troubles, especially those with IBS, find that avoiding foods with high levels of

What's more, eating high-fiber foods, fermented foods and prebiotic foods after taking antibiotics may also help reestablish a healthy gut microbiota. However, it is best to avoid grapefruit and calcium-fortified foods during antibiotics, as these can affect the absorption of antibiotics.

Checklist: What to Eat / What to Avoid. How to go from Keto to Carnivore.

Eatingmore whole foods and avoiding food additives such as MSG and artificial sweeteners may help with

Here are themost common signs and symptoms that you have low stomach acid production.

Dopamine Diet RestoresHealth. Most alcoholics and addicts have low levels of dopamine, the brain’s “feel good” chemical. For some, the low levels of dopamine have a genetic base which predisposes them to addiction.

If you have IBS, the last thing you want to do is to eat something that is going to make your symptoms worse.

The “soothe irritable bowel” probiotic Some 10 million American women know the belly pain and bloating discomfort of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Many doctors recommend what is called a low FODMAP diet to avoid triggering IBS symptoms. FODMAP is an acronym that stands for fermentable

Manyhealth experts are still puzzled by IBS and what causes the disorder. When examined, the bowels of those with IBS don’t display any noticeable irregularities. There is evidence that stress, anxiety, a poor diet, and carbohydrate malabsorption can all contribute to the disorder.[2].

32-ounce RESTORE is the best single-bottle value on a cost-per-ounce basis and is a two-month supply for one person, based on one teaspoon

‘If you eatmore slowly, you’re going to chew your food well, which will digest more easily. And you’re not going to gulp air,’ Brown points out.

The Nurses' Health Study found that subjects who consumed the highest amount of magnesium, about 350 milligrams per day, had significantly less

Sleep more – As mentioned earlier themost important aspects of eating disorder recovery and also metabolic recovery is to rest and refeed. Sleep is themost crucial time for your body’s restoration. When we sleep more we let our body put themost effort and energy into healing.

What are the symptoms of IBS? Themost common symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) are pain in your abdomen, often related to

The Hyperactive Metabolism trope as used in popular culture. Video game characters have long had the amazing ability to heal wounds through a good

The real star of the show is this guy: the humble poop. Let’s explore all the wonderful ways poop brightens

What should you eat if you have IBS? As you’ll muchmore about below, an IBS diet plan includes a variety of unprocessed, whole foods that provide fiber, vitamins and minerals — such as vegetables, fruits, clean proteins and

Most diets don't get close to the 20 to 35 grams of fiber recommended for health, the Harvard School of Public Health reports. Fiber helps you digest your food properly, which can cut your chances of getting constipated or developing hemorrhoids. When you eat fiber regularly...