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Energydrinks such as Red Bull have long been dogged by rumors that they contain dangerous ingredients such as “artificially manufactured stimulants

No energydrinks do not have bullsperm in them. But they do contain one molecule called Taurine, which was first found in the bile from a bull.

No, energydrinks do not have bullsperm in them. There are some of the same chemicals, but you could say the same thing about just about anything!

Bullsperm is much to valuable to be putting it in energydrinks. Bulls produce less sperm per ejaculate than dogs do. Most bullsperm is used for artificial

Detailed Analysis: According to this message, energydrinks such as Red Bull and Monster contain bullsperm.

Hi My husband Semen analysis report came with high viscocity and poor motility. He don't smoke or drink . His weight is normal and vegitarian.

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A study done by longhorn cattle company, tested some of the top energydrink brands (red bull, monster, etc) and found that they do in

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Summary of eRumor: Warnings, Facebook posts and wiki pages are alleging that energydrinks like Red Bull contain bullsperm. Some of these said that the energydrink contains “taurine,” and go on to explain that “taur” is Latin for bull. The Latin word is then added to “urine,” which raised concerns that...

Do energydrinks have contain sperm from a bull? Well, this is a question that seems to be impossible to put to rest ever since a study apparently found the drinks

The bull will kick you when you drink the energydrinks. Energydrinks are not good for the system though it's like a drug so no company will put sperm in it.

If you ever had a can of Red Bullenergydrink, you must read this. And if you just feel like having one, you cannot ignore this bit of information. Bizarre claims doing the rounds on the internet have a lot of people suspecting that the energydrink contains sperm from a bull.

Does red bull have bullsperm in it? It is a big no. Caffeinated drinks don’t contain bullsperm. And keeping in mind that there is a Texas eatery with the name ‘Long Horn Cattle Company’, there are no tenable reports that propose that it, or some other also named association, directed testing of...

Most energydrinks including Red Bull contain a substance called Taurine, which comes from the Greek word taurus, which means ox or bull, because the