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*Spoiler* The last mission of the main quest story line you become an official member of Lyons Pride and you get to chose between recon armor or the bos power armor, i

A small detachment of the BrotherhoodofSteel once tried to contain the scorched menace in Appalachia, and if you want to take up their quests

Quests in Fallout: BrotherhoodofSteel follow a linear progression with side quests being interspersed throughout.

Fallout3 is played from the first-person perspective, unlike previous titles of the series.

BrotherhoodofSteel, East Coast Chapter. Elder Lyons: "When I came here, I realized for the first time that the Brotherhood's technology could truly

At the end of the questline Broken Steel does something quite interesting. As before you're

The Nuclear Option (BrotherhoodofSteel): BrothersofSteel versus the artificial men. A New Dawn: The war is over, but the job is far from done. Miscellaneous Quests. The Lost Patrol: Track down threefallen recon team members. Duty or Dishonor: Perform an investigation that leads to a revelation.

The iconic Fallout faction the BrotherhoodofSteel returns in the latest game in the series, but how do you find and complete the Fallout 76 Brotherhoodof

Fallout3 - BrotherhoodofSteel. The BrotherhoodofSteel is a organization with a mission of finding technology. Mainly military tech, and their efforts over the centuries have equipped them with a powerful array of power armor, energy weapons, defense turrets, and computers.

Fallout3: Broken Steel is the third expansion pack for the famous RPG game - Fallout3. Just like the core game, this expansion pack has been developed by Bethesda Softworks. The storyline is about the BrotherhoodofSteel at war with the Enclave.

I dont have any more active brotherhoodquests other than a few of the repeatable side quests.

1.All Lyons BrotherhoodofSteel Paladins now wear T-51B power armor from fallout New Vegas and use energy weapons. 2.Elder Lyons Now wears

Hi all, Quartermaster and Cleansing the commonwealth are endless? The guy and the girl never stop to give you a new quest no matter how many times you