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Adoptable Turkeys. Since 1986, FarmSanctuary’s annual AdoptaTurkey Project has led to the rescue of more than one thousand turkeys from a brutal death and given thousands of people an opportunity to honor the spirit of the holiday by helping animals in need.

FarmSanctuary’s Adopt-A-Turkey project celebrates 25 years of changing the way America thinks about turkeys.

...participating in FarmSanctuary's annual AdoptaTurkey Program -- which encourages participants to help these turkeys have good long existences, in honor

AdoptATurkey. This page has been moved! Click here to get to new page. We appreciate your interest in adoptinga Safe Haven Animal.

Since 1986, FarmSanctuary’s AdoptaTurkey Project has encouraged people to save aturkey at Thanksgiving through sponsorships that help rescue

Each FarmSanctuaryAdoptaTurkey sponsorship arrives with a special AdoptaTurkey certificate with a color photo and fun details about your new friend; a

Turkey adoptions make great gifts too! Please help FarmSanctuary provide loving homes for these sweet guys and gals. Adoptaturkey this Thanksgiving. Previous PostOur New Favorite Vegan Pizza Place. Next PostGiveaway: The Gift of Organic Superfoods from STAMBA.

After adopting his first turkey over a decade ago from FarmSanctuary, an organization working to protect farm animals from cruelty, Gil’s compassion for

Our mission is rescuing farm animals and providing them sanctuary; inspiring humans to live with compassion and respect. Our core values are ahimsa (non-harming), satya (truth telling), and asteya (non-stealing). They are the first three ethical guidelines of the yoga tradition.

@FarmSanctuary. We work to protect farm animals from cruelty, inspire change in the way society views and treats farm animals, and promote compassionate vegan living.

Sponsor a rescued turkey at the farmsanctuary. Donate $25 to adoptaturkey. Cedar Row FarmSanctuary is located just outside of Stratford, Ontario. Cedar Row is a place of hope for animals rescued from abuse, neglect and slaughter, happening on meat, milk, and egg farms.

FarmSanctuary says they do, and for just a $30 donation, you can sponsor one of the turkeys housed at either their New York or California shelter.

Leading farm animal protection group, FarmSanctuary, created the AdoptaTurkey Project to allow people the chance to provide care for rescued turkeys. Over the years, FarmSanctuary has been able to care for more than 1,000 rescued turkeys through the program. For a one time donation of only...

FarmSanctuary is dedicated to ending farm animal abuse and changing the way society views and treats farm...

———- Forwarded message ———- From: FarmSanctuary – info [at] Date: Oct 17, 2007 3:38 PM Subject: Eight Turkeys Chosen For Adopt-A-Turkey Project.

FarmSanctuary, an animal rescue organization, uses the money to rescue animals and provide care for them at several shelters.

Heartland FarmSanctuary, located in Verona, Wisconsin, is the largest dedicated farm animal sanctuary in Wisconsin. Heartland is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide care for farm animals in need, nurture people through the human-animal bond, and foster respect and kindness...

FarmSanctuary’s AdoptaTurkey Project helps people get involved through sponsorships or home adoptions. The idea may never have crossed your mind, but you might be surprised to learn just how loving and personable these birds can be. We spoke with FarmSanctuary’s national shelter director...