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Why do adult gay men need comic superheroes as role models? They want to indoctrinate impressionable young minds by placing these gay characters on pedestals in a positive light. These companies are heavily influencing our youth by using children's superheroes to desensitise and...

The 12 most iconic gaysuperheroes. 1) Wonder Woman. Diana of Themyscira has a long and storied history as a queer icon.

Readers want to know that superheroes don't discriminate, and creators have responded throughout the years.

Gay, lesbian and transgender characters are increasingly playing a larger role in the fast-evolving world of comic book narratives.

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It's been a big week for gaysuper-heroes. Not only has Marvel's Northstar proposed to his boyfriend in Astonishing X-Men with a wedding set for next month, but DC has started dropping hints that one of their own characters is going to be coming out of the closet in a forthcoming announcem…

he just gets bored and he’s like hmmmmmm bucky’s only two miles away frm me time for pain buck boi. forget the tony and steve man pain, i want to just see scenes of Bucky standing in the self checkout line with a loaf of bread and TP then suddenly tchalla is there throwing a shopping cart at his ass and they...

For some time now, characters have been coming out. I think Marvel might’ve been first, but DC has done a lot with them over the years.

(London Telegraph) A gay sauna has found itself in an equality row after asking a transgender man without a penis to leave their nude bath house. Staff at Sailors Sauna, in east London, told a male patron, who is female by birth, that he could not use their facilities because they did not want to...

A big credit for that goes to the comics that put our superheroes in such a light that things that are normal such as these relationships seem normal to us.

The superheroes of Spandex are “the world’s first all-gay superhero team,” according the comic’s creator.

YouTube star Logan Paul is underfire once again, this time for saying he would “go gay” for the month of March in a podcast. On his “Impaulsive” podcast published earlier this week, he and co-host Mike Majlak explained they are currently vegan and sober for the month of January, and that March...

In DC Comics, the Ray is a gayhero with light-based powers on a version of Earth where the Nazis won WWII.

'Hero,' published in hardback last week by Hyperion Teen, tells the story of Thom Creed, coping not only with high school, sexual orientation and a strained

Singing For Superheroes is a superhero music company that musically motivates and inspires kids as they overcome illness or disability.

For years, Hollywood has had a problem with openly gay characters. This has been especially true for shows centered on superheroes and comic book

TV big shot Nigel Lythgoe has come underfire from gay-rights activists -- over his comments on talent contest 'So You Think You Can Dance.'

Gay characters have been in comics for decades, but it's been difficult to get someone like Spider-Man or Batman onboard. Now that's starting to change.

Over the past few years, Hillsong Church has come underfirefor its stance on homosexuality — and by extension, its gay congregants — as well as for the promotion of conversion therapy. Carl Lentz, who leads New York City’s Hillsong Church, spoke to GQ in 2015...

GaySuperheroes! If you watch my twitter or read my blog or even know me in real life, you probably already know I'm a fan of superheros and comics.

DC Comics has come underfirefor hiring writer and outspoken anti-gay advocate Orson Scott Card. A petition has been launched against the Ender's Game creator's work on the debut story of the digital first Adventures of Superman anthology. Card has publicly said that gay marriage represents "the end of...

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Power Rangers Is Being Praised for Featuring the “First Gay Big-Screen Superhero”. Hmm.

Identifying himself as a gay Asian American, he wanted to know if the actor felt any pressure in making his stance on LGBT equality known, referring to previous

"Many people say gay without even realizing what they're saying is bad,'" GLSEN spokesman Daryl Presgraves tells E! News. "It's hard enough as it is to be a gay youth. But when you add on top of that people referring to who you are in a negative way, it's that much more difficult to feel safe and...

LONDON Comic-Con launched a new trailer portraying gaysuperheroes as part of a campaign for accurate representation of LGBT characters in

Superheroes whose sexual orientation make them interesting and deeper in character.

It's not a great week for female superheroes looking to score themselves some new threads. As if it wasn't bad enough that the all-girl version of Ghostbusters bombed at the box office, it looks like Old Navy set out to underscore the #femmeFAIL by offering up two similar—but very, very...

‘Our defence of you is a defence of all of humanity and the right of people to practise the life they want to practise, rather than be criminalised, brutalised and murdered, simply because they chose to be gay, they chose to be lesbian, they were LGBT in any form.’ His comments are made at the end of this...

Gay rights groups say that amounts to a gay slur. "We're trying to educate people that this is a term that is hurtful to young people when used in a negative way. We want people to understand when it's inappropiate to use," says a spokesman for the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network.

Coming Out UnderFire book. Read 52 reviews from the world's largest community for readers.

(Though LGBT superheroes and villains have been hinted at in subtext for decades, until 1989, the Comics Code Authority – an industry-created

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The Smithsonian Institution is underfirefor an exhibition called Hide/Seek that is being touted as the "first major exhibition to focus on sexual difference in the

(A rep for Marvel declined to comment for this story, and a rep for DC did not respond to a request for comment.)

The SuperHero Origin trope as used in popular culture. Every Superhero has an origin story, telling how they gained their powers and decided to fight crime …

Instagram has apologized to a British photographer after removing her photo of a gay couple kissing, saying the post was removed “in error.” London photographer Stella Asia Consonni uploaded photos of couples as part of an art series on modern relationships, published in i-D magazine.