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Howto solve this Install bots manually or download new CS with Bots I recomend U download this one http

How can you add an enemyincounterstrike? Maybe you do not have PODbot...first download and install it...then when starting a newgame u can

"Counter-Strike" is a fun and addictive game enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people around the world. In fact, despite its relatively old age, it is still regarded as one of the finest

A Counter-Strike: Source (CS:S) Forum Thread in the Customization category, by Nexerade.

Sniping inCounterStrike is one of the toughest and most challenging aspects of the game, but it can also be the most rewarding. There's nothing else quite as satisfying as scoring a headshot on a multiplayer enemy. This wikiHow article will teach you howto increase your sniping skills and be a...

My friend said, "Dude go buy CounterStrike: Source, it's so fun, it's the best FPS ever!" and I couldn't disagree with him more. I've been playing it the past hour and I have no ****ing idea howto tell who is a ****ing enemy. I have to mouse over someone for twenty seconds before it says, "enemy" and the...

2. Is Counter-Strike/Counter-Strike: Condition Zero compatible with CS: Source? 2. How many seconds count until bomb detonates inCounterStrike?

in 1.6 you need a patch get it from if you have condition zero or source just go to custom match and bring down the consol (`) type in add_bot.

Counter-StrikeSource. Release date: October 7, 2004 Category: MMO Action (Shooter) / 3D

Valve decided to resurrect Counter-Strike:Source. While porting it on MAC they added some features.

Clan Setting in a Nutshell Since the addition of the Clan Warfare achievement inCounter-Strike: Source many people are wondering howto get it

In this thread I will show you howto open the console. If you're asking to yourself "what's the console?", it is like the system CMD but for CSS, where you can change your network settings, advanced

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Counter-Strike: Source Cheats Cheating in CSS is not an easy thing to do. As we all know the game heavily relies on experience and skill and there

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CounterStrikeSource Well, im not sure but i can run this fine for the first time. If i close normally and decide to play later i can't. I get "This game is currently unavaliable.

I want to ask that, can Counter-Strike: Source be played offline same like Counter-Strike: Condition Zero? When i run the game i see only two options which are Create Server and Find Server. If there are bots for it, how can i use them?

type these cvar commands in console inside counterstrikesource to enable the console hit the "~" also know as the Tilda key. if after pressing the "~" key nothing happens you will have to check the enable developer console setting in keyboard/advanced settings incounterstrikesource. cl_interp 0.

Quick guide/tutorial on howto activate the console inCS:Source. The method can also be used for other Steam games like CS 1.6, CS:GO etc… Step by step guide. Right click on Counter-Strike: Source. Select “Properties”. Click on “Set launch options…” Type “-console” and click OK.