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Are you at a loss as to howtohave fun? Just because you have only one friend over doesn't mean the party has to be any less exciting.

Go to the kitchen and select a condiment for the person to eat, preferrably nothing that needs to be cooked. Have the victim stand outside in the yard

my girlfriends and i have started an annual tradition: ALL GIRLS SLEEPOVER. this year marks our first anniversary of this brilliant idea. i’m not sure how it came about last year, but it happened at the perfect time – i had just broken up with my 3-year boyfriend and was ready to get shitty with the girls… in my...

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Having a sleepover party with your friends? Try Total Girl's tips for the perfect party sleepover, from sleepover food ideas to sleepover games and more!

"How 'bout we haveasleepover!" Tenten asked/yelled breaking the silence and in the process, scaring the hell out of Neji and Lee. "You have got to stop doing that, at least warn

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Host an at-home fashion show. Have each guest bring a few favorite clothing items that can be borrowed and shared, then create a runway using Christmas

Haveasleepover! There’s no need to end your Skype calls just because you’re going to bed! Set up your screens so you and your partner can sleep right

A sleepover is a great way for you to spend quality time together, get to know each other better, have girly time, pamper and indulge, share secrets, and, most

To him, a sleepover might be the final step to commitment. He might just be an insomniac. He might even snore terribly and is really self-conscious about it.

Women know howto make a night to remember with sleepover pranks to last a lifetime. Playing pranks, at slumber parties makes the night interesting and fun. Break a leg to do something out of the box that will make your time with your girlfriends memorable.

A sleepover invitation! Your kid is about to embark on a lifelong adventure known as Sleeping At Other People’s Houses! You will havean evening to yourself!

An easy to follow step-by-step guide on howto get your friends into anime. This post will show you 5 easy steps to convert your friends.

For a birthday sleepover, send invitations to create a buzz and to receive timely RSVPs that will

To help you get a good idea of howto create a “normal” atmosphere, try putting yourself in her shoes… which do you think a woman would be most

The point of a sleepover is to get all your pals together tohave as much fun as possible. Plan at least three to four activities that you can all do throughout the evening to ensure that no one is going to get bored.