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...Integration Services, and Reporting Services that support VisualStudio2013 and SQLServer 2014.

I have recently installedVisualStudio2013 and need to install the SQLServerDataTools too, as I have done in VisualStudio 2012, but I can not

SSDT-BI were down for almost a month after the release of the SQLServer 2014 causing a lot of frustration to the end users who were trying to

Now, on the Start screen, SQLServerDataToolsforVisualStudio2013 appears. And finally, we can open SSDT forVisualStudio2013 and now the

Modifying VisualStudio 2012 Installation bits for unattended setup. Similar to creating and editing a config.xml file for Office, you will do the same for

The SQLServerDataTools (SSDT) is where you’ll spend most of your time as an SSIS developer.

For SQLServer 2014 and Microsoft VisualStudio2013, database developers can download SQLServerDataTools from Microsoft Download Center

Microsoft created SQLServerDataToolsforVisualStudio2013, to make development easier. Single Tool to support developer’s needs.

InstallingSQLServerDataTools (SSDT) on your workstation will allow you to create projects for dashboards and reports.

SQLServerDataTools (SSDT) database project and SQLServer Object Explorer (SSOX) provides an integrated

SQLServer 2014 is the latest SQLServer version, and it introduced another major change. Datatools is no longer available from the SQLServerinstallation media.

Searching for “SQLServerDataTools” will likely lead you to a download which, upon installation, will add connectivity and server management tools

Perform a new installation of SQLServer 2014: If you installed the 64-bit SQLServer 2014 then you must select this option.

With SQLServer 2012 the SQL team took ownership of the database projects. They completely retooled them so now they can release them as