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JohnnyCash and JuneCarter Cash were one of country music's most legendary couples, and the Man in Black's proposalto his future wife was something straight out of a movie — literally. Cash and JuneCarter, with whom he had toured and performed extensively, had already weathered a number...

Does anyone young listen to JohnnyCash and JuneCarter? JuneCarter Cash & JohnnyCash, what is your favorite song performed by this couple?

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According to Mr. Cash’s first wife, Vivian, Ms. Carter had once cornered her with the declaration “he will be mine.” And, of course, it was Ms. Carter who

22, 1968, JohnnyCashproposedtoJuneCarter while they were onstage together in London, Ontario

Johnny and JuneCarterCash are regarded as one of country music’s greatest power couples. In addition to having their own successful careers

The Carter family had a profound influence on both country music and the life of JohnnyCash. It was JohnnyCash’s love for JuneCarter that changed the course.

John Carter Cash, the only son of JohnnyCash and JuneCarter Cash, talks about his book and CD, Anchored in Love.

One day, JohnnyCash met JuneCarter; the rest is history. The story of country music’s most storied couple is truly one of the greatest love stories of the South. Perhaps, of all time. Johnny’s on-the-spot proposaltoJune in 1968, to the lyric love letters he wrote throughout their relationship, and the way...

At the time, Cash was married to his first wife, Vivian Liberto, with whom he had three children (the eldest is country artist Rosanne Cash), while

Apparently JuneCarter was well aware of Johnny and Anita’s affair – and she not only forgave her husband and helped him cover it up, but she

Johnny and JuneCarter Cash maintained a strong working relationship too, recording and performing together throughout their marriage.

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JuneCarter & JohnnyCash are marriedJohnnyCash and Miss JuneCarter, country and Western music singers who teamed up on a Grammy-winning