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JudyChicago's 1983 work Earth Birth from the BirthProject was showcased in Salon 94's Frieze New York booth. The New York gallery, founded by Jeanne Greenberg-Rohatyn, represents JudyChicago. The work received accolades in both the New York Times and ARTnews art reviews.

The BirthProject [1]— JudyChicago’s analysis of the interrelationships among gender, femaleness, maternity and motherhood — was thirty years ahead of its time. Chicago was the first to comprehensively address the issues found within the series.

The BirthProject is currently shown in ‘JudyChicago: A Reckoning’, Chicago’s focussed retrospective at the Institute of Contemporary Art Miami.

JudyChicago designed this image based on historical research of birthing positions in various cultures over time. There are 3 figures: a woman giving birth, her

JudyChicagoBirth Power, 1984. Embroidery over drawing on silk, 20 1/4 x 20 1/4 inches. Embroidery by Sandie Abel.

Curated by Francesca DeBiaso (Art History ’12), this exhibition presents select works by prominent feminist artist JudyChicago’s BirthProject series completed from 1980-85.

Teaching Conversations Teaching Conversations is a project of a group of feminist colleagues at Penn State who began to engage in conversations together in fall semester 2011 about the JudyChicago Art Education Collection and

JudyChicago’s BirthProject: Born Again. Birth Tear E2 , 1982, Embroidery by Jane Gaddie Thompson.

JudyChicago is a famous American feminist artist. Her real name was Judith Sylvia Cohen. Galley owner Rolf Nelson named her as ‘JudyChicago’ for her strong personality

JudyChicago’s next major project centered around images of women giving birth, honoring pregnancy, childbirth, and mothering. She engaged 150 women artists creating panels for the installation, again using traditional women’s crafting, especially embroidery, with weaving, crochet...

When JudyChicago’s “The Dinner Party” and then the “BirthProject” riled up the arts scene 30 years ago, their iconic imagery and modes of fabrication were largely dismissed by white male critics. And yet, they revolutionized ideas about the content, materiality, and making of feminist art.

JudyChicago, 1982. Since 2002, East Union Street’s illustrious Pasadena Museum of California Art has reliably showcased some of the city’s

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While completing the BirthProject, Chicago also focused on individual studio work to create Powerplay. In this unusual series of drawings

JudyChicago was born Judith Sylvia Cohen in Chicago in 1939. Her father, Arthur Cohen, came from an extensive generation of Jewish rabbis.