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The difference in this game is that the die faces have three different colors. Five new ways to score are presented such as flush, full house (same color) and others. Not to be confused with: Kismet (1997...

Kismet is a card-and-dice game where the object is to discard your hand and score the least negative points. Each player has a hand of 11 cards, numbered 2 to 12.

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Vintage 1964 Kismet Game Complete Made by Spare Time Products Inc Lakeside Ind..

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Tennis Text Adventure Track & Field Trivia/BoardGame Vehicular Combat Wrestling.

Kismet Vanilla now has a place where you can moor your own ocean vessel! We wanna see your

Conquest at Kismet, from new game designer Jay Vales, is a two-player, turn-based, head-to-head card game set in the fictional galaxy of Raccroc, using a lottery-like method of resolving battle.

For my first real article, I decided to explore one of the most popular boardgame: The Settlers of

game, it’s not really a VR experience it’s just…. KISMET? First off if fortune telling, card readings or

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In the Kismet Sector of the Raccroc Galaxy, huge self-sustaining motherships fight

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