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I left my lightson overnight and found my car dad this morning. I have sttached it to a Yukon with jumpercables and when I turn on my car after the Yukon I get nothing, no electrical or sttempt to start or noises. Does it take time hooked up before the electrical will turn on? What can the problem be?

Sounds like you left the car in "Ready" mode, not just the lightson. I suspect it sat and ran itself out of gas. If you fill the tank it should start up fine.

Battery is fine all lights come on in car. Car will even almost start just missing that last step. I am only able to overcome the last step when I use jumpercables.

Whether you left your lightson or your battery goes bad, knowing

Battery light came on...battery seems ok but car stalled out and would only start with jump but wont stay running.

The carwontstart on rainy days. Check inside the distributor cap for dampness. If you find moisture, get some mechanic’s solvent from your friendly

Jump starting a Pontiac include jumpercables and another vehicle with a battery. A person will need to put jumpercables on each car battery to jump start it.

I was jumpstarting my father's car jump leads fell off sparked my engine and now my carwontstart.

Say you left the lightson while you were binge shopping and the car makes a little grunt and doesn’t start.

I have a 69 VW bug and its been running really good except for recently it started dying on me hooked it up to jumpercables then it would run fine then the other day it wontstart at all no lights no noise when I turn the key nothing so we hooked jumpercables up to it and it started right up.

Cut the cable in half and put heavy duty clamps on the ends. Mark the positive and negative on each end and you’ll have a set of jumpercables that will

Complete details on jump-starting a car vary from car to car, so be sure to check your owner's manual for accurate information about your make and

If your carwon'tstart, but the lights and radio work, the problem could still be a bad battery. Here are five things to check before going to a pro.

Leftlightson in car ( 1998 honda civic)... when tried to start car, interior lightson and clicking sound. then put jump leads oncar but donor car had engine running and initial sparks on

Carwon'tstart because of a dead battery? If you've got access to jumpercables and another running vehicle or a portable jump-starter, you can be back

CarWon'tStart Sometimes, No Lights, No Radio. I just replaced the starter, battery, and alternator on my

Usually, jump-starting the car will get you on the road, but be sure to find the cause of the dead battery or you will repeat this drill soon.

I actually didn't know how to jump start a car with jumper-cables until this morning. Until today I have been unwittingly "jumping" cars without cables.

I recently went to start my car and instead of cranking up, the lights came on then dimmed immediately and I couldn't get my car to do anything. I then tried again and no lights came on at all. I checked voltage on the battery and was at 12.54 which I think should be enough to crank up the car.

Car batteries and jump starter packs contain high voltages of electricity, and while jump starters and

Leave the rest of the jumpercable on the ground as you bring the clamp over to the car.

Diagnosing a no-start condition requires a logical approach to figuring out what might be preventing

If I leave the car for about 20 mins and come back, I can unlock the car and you'll see the lights flash as