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Below is a listof cruelty-free brands thatare ethical elephant verified which means we have vetted each company to confirm their animal testing policy. We are using the term “cruelty-free” here to describe brands that do not testonanimals and also, their products and ingredients are not tested...

This is the listof companies that fund animal testing. Every time you can avoid IT, don’t buy from any of the companies or brands

This is another shocking productthat made the listofproductsthataretestedonanimals. This everyday furniture polish is in everybody’s house.

Those who are against animal testing will often say that it does not work – citing cases such as the

(ANIMAL TESTING/ANIMAL CRUELTY) Here’s a comprehensive listof companies that do not testonanimals. This list is compiled and is updated several times a year by PETA. Those marked with an asterisk (*) manufacture strictly vegan products—made without animal ingredients, such as milk and...

Here’s a listof cosmetic/beauty brands that do not test their productsonanimals.

Animal testing feels so out-dated and cruel that many people are surprised to learn that lots of the big name products on our supermarket shelves and in our department store cosmetic counters are STILL beingtestedonanimals. But the good news is that finding out which products and brands are...

However, I recently learned most of the products I use daily aren’t on the all-too-short listof “cruelty-free” products. From my high-end makeup to

Should scientists be allowed to testproductsonanimals? No!!! I think it cruel because would you like it if something huge picked you up and put you in a

Such animal testing practices are evidence that much of the cosmetic industry continues to use chemicals thatare potentially harmful for human beings.

What shocked me further is the amount ofproducts in my cupboard that have been developed with the use of animal testing.

Companies that aren't on this list should be boycotted until they implement a policy that prohibits animalstesting. How does a company get on the list?

Any thatare cruelty-free will be at the very bottom of the list. To learn more about a company’s animaltesting policy just click on the name.

Some of these testsare necessary to show that the products meet the legal standards while others are done voluntarily to confirm that the item is as good as it can be. Whether you think animaltestingis cruel in all circumstances or you believe that it's necessary to keep humans safe and healthy, you...

The problem of animal cruelty is on the rise, eventually leaving them to die. Here are some statistics, to give a little idea about the torture that animals face.

Please note that some of the brands listed may individually state that they do not testonanimals however they are owned by a parent company

This list focuses mainly on makeup, fragrance and beauty products but I added some other companies that make cleaning supplies, food, pet food and

Detailed below is a list or some of the many companies that still testonanimals.

There is an additional listof companies that do not test pet food, as well as another listof companies that DO TESTproducts.

The following is a list I have compiled of worldwide brands who still testonanimalsthatare available in Ireland. The majority of these brands are ‘required by law’ to testonanimals, which means they most likely sell in China, where there is no animal welfare

Nivea is sold in China where animaltesting is MANDATORY for such products. This is all he information I have. There might be a lot of other brands on your listthatare infact, not cruelty free. I urge you to update it and also request all readers to do a thorough research before purchasing!

Animalsaretestedon to see what lethal doses ofproductsare, how much of a product is needed to irritate skin or eyes, as well as aggression

Vegans don’t use productsthataretestedonanimals. There are SO many companies that don’t use cruel and outdated methods these days that there’s really no excuse to support companies who continue to needlessly torture animals.

Animaltestingon cosmetics is related to a lot of aspects of the manufacturing process of these products, which is performed for

Millions of animals suffer and die every year in labs in Canada, subjected to experiments performed by universities, government departments, and private corporations. The animal experimentation industry is largely unregulated and allowed to operate in near secrecy.

Did You Know That They're TestedOnAnimals? DECEMBER 21, 2016 — By Matt Davidson.

Listof Cons of AnimalTestingon Cosmetics. 1. It causes death of animals. While there are painless trials, where animals are able to return to wherever they came

Product testing is commonly performed onanimals to measure the levels of skin irritancy, eye tissue damage, and toxicity caused by various substances

Productsthat reach the animal testing phase have had loads of dosh thrown at them already, and nobody wants to have to do a second round of

Are any of the ingredients you use in your productstestedonanimals either by your company or through a third party? We can confirm that our

It means productsthatare not testedonanimals. Not just animal products, but human products as well.

...TestingonAnimals In today’s generation, there is a rise in population of those who are against the unfair treatment of animals, including the

Cosmetic product testing is a common way to determine a product's safety. But here are some cosmetics not testedonanimals.

Finally, the testingofproductsonanimalsis completely unnecessary because viable alternatives are available.

Animals that pass the mirror test will typically adjust their positions so that they can get a better look at the new mark on their body, and may even touch it or try to remove it. They usually pay much more attention to the part of their body that bears a new marking. Even if an animal doesn’t pass the test...

Testing cosmetics onanimals is related to many aspects of the product’s manufacturing process, occurring on the individual ingredients within the formula or

Animal testing is horrific. It's when a product, especially a cosmetic one, istestedonanimals. Bunnies, mice, rats, monkeys, beagles, other kinds of

“ Cosmetic animal-testing is a double-edged sword of cruelty-free innovation versus consumer safety. ” Were not cool with cruelty — but were still lagging

What about a listof those that do? What do the words "cruelty-free" or "not testedonanimals" on a product label really mean? How can I be sure

An animaltestis any scientific experiment or test in which a live animalis forced to undergo