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Animal testing feels so out-dated and cruel that many people are surprised to learn that lots of the big name products on our supermarket shelves and in our department store cosmetic counters are STILL beingtestedonanimals. But the good news is that finding out which products and brands are...

(ANIMAL TESTING/ANIMAL CRUELTY) Here’s a comprehensive listof companies that do not testonanimals. This list is compiled and is updated several times a year by PETA. Those marked with an asterisk (*) manufacture strictly vegan products—made without animal ingredients, such as milk and...

Some of these testsare necessary to show that the products meet the legal standards while others are done voluntarily to confirm that the item is as good as it can be. Whether you think animaltestingis cruel in all circumstances or you believe that it's necessary to keep humans safe and healthy, you...

“Still buying productstestedonanimals? Look at these poor bunnies about to betestedon.” ~ Good Human. There’s how we think of Bunnies…Easter!

On June 2014, compassionate consumers were thrilled to hear that China finally made some changes to their animal testing requirements.

Animaltestingon cosmetics is related to a lot of aspects of the manufacturing process of these products, which is performed for

This is a listof companies you probably all buy from that testonanimals. Testingonanimalsis unnecessary and cruel.

This list focuses mainly on makeup, fragrance and beauty products but I added some other companies that make cleaning supplies, food, pet food and

Those who are against animal testing will often say that it does not work – citing cases such as the thalidomide babies (thalidomide was shown safe in animal tests). Opponents often say that we have moved beyond the need to perform in-humane and cruel testsproductsonanimalstest tube...

Most productstestedonanimalsare shampoo and lotions, so side effects could be hair loss, skin infections and many more.

What types of companies are on the "Don't Test" list? The list includes companies that make cosmetics, personal-care products, household-cleaning

Millions of animalsare used and killed in the name of progress every year. Global animal experiments. Research by Cruelty Free International and the Dr

There is no fee to become Logical Harmony approved so companies can’t just buy their way onto the list. They only become certified if they meet

Just one of the many cases of animal testing involving beagles happened at the University of Pennsylvania where a researcher bred

What shocked me further is the amount ofproducts in my cupboard that have been developed with the use of animal testing.

I have listed only some of the companies that testonanimals and focused on the most commonly known brands. Many of the brands listedare owned by a large parent