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As head designer for the Nissan and Infiniti brands, he has guided their styling direction and personally designed many notable models.

Nakamura joined Nissan in 1999, coming over from truckmaker Isuzu and bringing a passion for cutting-edge car design incorporating diverse images such as

Nissan’s chief designer, ShiroNakamura, who styled hugely significant cars including the Nissan Qashqai, GT-R, 350Z, Juke and Leaf, will

Nissan's longtime design chief ShiroNakamura is retiring March 31 after a decorated career at the automaker.

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Chief Creative Officer ShiroNakamura, the man behind a fleet of GT-Rs, Zs, Cubes, Infinitis and Nissan Leaf vehicles, has put his thoughts and experiences into a

Nissan is losing its veteran designer, chief creative officer, and stylish dresser to every company's competitor for experienced talent: retirement.

ShiroNakamura - Nissan Online Newsroom ShiroNakamura has been the senior vice president of

ShiroNakamura, who will retire next month after transforming Nissandesign over the past 17 years, also holds the distinction of

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Before joining Nissan, ShiroNakamura spent 25 years of his career at Isuzu Motors, working all over the world in senior level positions of the design department. He also spent time working at General Motors, and has been based in the United States, UK, Belgium and Japan. He’ll be here for the next...

ShiroNakamura, Nissan’s Senior designer. Mr. Carlos Ghosn, President and CEO, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., announced that the 2009 Nissan GT-R supercar will be priced starting at $69,850 when it goes on sale in June 2008. Engine All-new VR38 3.8-liter twin turbo V6, producing 480 horsepower...

ShiroNakamura and the Nissan Juke. ShiroNakamura: an influential designer. Alfonso Albaisa: meet the new head of Nissandesign globally.

ShiroNakamura has been the NissanDesign Chief for 11 years, and on March 31, that will come to end. The credited designer has racked up a significant reputation since his

Shironakamuranissandesign. N.15. Gandini Marzia. The creative impetus given by ShiroNakamura in his four years at Nissan has brought the image of the cars home to establish clear, thanks to a common address and continue exploring different possibilities, spreading in the world a...

Nissan's chief designerShiroNakamura will retire at the end of March after 17 years with the carmaker. Nakamura has been responsible for the

Nissan’s head of design, ShiroNakamura, is talking about the next-generation Leaf here, which apparently aims to be appealing to the mass market. The redesign has already started, he said. “What these guys are working on for example is bringing together the local...

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You can interpret ShiroNakamura’s nickname, “Fingers,” any number of ways. The Nissandesign chief is a famously hands-on creative. A music lover, he plays the cello. He grasps at myriad inspirations, leading a team outside Tokyo that has recently produced concept cars inspired by shoes...

ShiroNakamura has an extremely long professional title. He is Nissan's Senior Vice President and Chief Creative Officer of Design and Brand

The latest episode of ‘Jay Leno’s Garage’ YouTube series sees Jay talking with NissanDesign’s Chief Creative Officer, ShiroNakamura. The original 240Z, which was branded as the ‘Fairlady’ in Japan, was introduced back in late 1969. As a sports coupe it was designed with the intention of being both...

DescriptionShiro Nakamura, Chief designerNissan.jpg. English: ShiroNakamura, being interviewed at auto show. Date. 13 January 2014, 16:31:18.

Created by NissanDesign America in San Diego, California under the direction of chief designerShiroNakamura, the Resonance

Profiles ShiroNakamura, senior vice-president and director of design at Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. Role he played in the revival of the company; Maintenance of a good relationship with design houses; Transformation of Nissan's main production vehicles; Infusion of Japanese elements in Nissan...

More recently he led design efforts for the all-new Nissan 370Z, Maxima and Rogue.

The influential creative head of Nissan's design studios worldwide, ShiroNakamura, is to retire, sparking a game of musical chairs at the Japanese car giant. Nakamura-san has had a long run as senior vice president of design and chief creative officer at Nissan, one of the most visually intriguing...

ShiroNakamura. ShiroNakamura, born in Osaka, Japan in 1950, is Senior Vice President and Chief Creative Officer, Design and Brand ManageR for Nissan Motor Company, Ltd. He is responsible for overseeing the creation of distinctive and innovative designs, managing global design strategies...

The Sport Sedan, designed at NissanDesign America in San Diego and developed at the automaker’s Global Design Center in Atsugi, Japan

ShiroNakamura is a Japanese car designer and company executive.