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an obtusetriangle is any triangle with an angle over 90 degrees, typically they look like \_ with a line connecting the two rays.

An acute triangle is a triangle with the three angles less than 90 degrees. A right triangle is a triangle with one of the angles equal to 90 degrees while an obtusetriangle is a triangle with one of...

Obtusetriangles, also referred to as oblique triangles, can be recognized by their having a single

A scalene triangle may be right, obtuse, or acute (see below). Types of Triangle by Angle.

Obtuse Angled Triangle Definition. A triangle is a closed two-dimensional plane figure with three sides and three angles.

Perimeter of ObtuseTriangle length. An angle which is more than 90 degree and less than 180 is obtuse angle. a triangle with one angle as obtuse is called as the obtusetriangle.

An obtusetriangle is any triangle that has an angle greater than 90 degrees. This means that the other two angles inside the triangle, when added up, must be less than 90 degrees.

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The obtusetriangle is commonly declared the every angle is more than 90 degree.

$\begingroup$ You have an obtusetriangle. What can you say about the lengths of the sides? Choose one of them to be opposite the obtuse angle. (I imagine that the fact that the triangle is...

Obtusetriangles have exactly one obtuse angle. Acute triangles have three acute angles. In other words, ALL the angles are acute. 1. a. Draw a right angle. Then make it into a right triangle by...

An obtuse angle is more than 90 degrees. The three angles within any triangle always equal exactly 180 degrees.

The ObtuseTriangle is identified by angles. An Obtusetriangle will ALWAYS have one angle which is Obtuse. This is an angle that measures between 90 and 180 degrees.

An obtusetriangle may be either isosceles (two equal sides and two equal angles) or scalene (no

Learn how to identify an obtusetriangle. This lesson includes math videos, study tips and practice

Obtusetriangle: An obtusetriangle has one angle that is bigger than 90 degrees (Obtuse angle).

Name the triangle as an obtusetriangle if any of the angles are greater than 90 degrees.