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Cerebrum: is the largest partofthebrainand is composed of right and left hemispheres. It performs higher functions like interpreting touch, vision and hearing, as well

The cerebrum is the largest portion ofthebrain, and contains tools which are responsible for most ofthebrain's function. It is divided into four

The outermost layer ofthe cerebral hemisphere which is composed of gray matter. Cortices are asymmetrical. Both hemispheres are able to analyze sensory data, perform memory functions, learn new information, form thoughts and make decisions.

The cerebrum constitutes the largest partofthe human brain. It is also known as the cortex and is responsible for performing a great number of important

Thebrain is the center ofthe human nervous system. The average size of an adult brain is 5.5 inches in width, 3.6 inches in height, and 6.5 in inches length.

The various partsofthebrain work together to conduct everyday thought processes and necessary functions such as breathing.

Thebrain is one ofthe largest and most important organs ofthe human body. It sends messages to and receives messages from all over the body.

Thebrain can be divided into three basic units: the forebrain, the midbrain and the hindbrain. These areas are: Occipital lobe, Temporal lobe, Parietal

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which partsofthebrain involves ability to store, retain, and retrieve information and are necessary for reasoning and learning.

The most important and perhaps the most complex organ of human body is thebrain. It controls all senses and functions ofthe body. Human brain weighs about 3 lbs. and is enclosed in a hard bony shell for protection, called skull. Interpreting information collected from different partsofthe body and...

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The parts andtheir functions are given below : 1. Cerebrum: It is the largest partofthebrainand has two hemispheres.

At the front ofthebrain are the frontal lobes, and the part lying just behind the forehead is called the prefrontal cortex.

The top ofthe spinal cord merges with thebrain stem, where the basic processes of life are controlled, such as breathing and digestion.

The brainstem which includes the medulla, the pons and the midbrain, controls breathing, digestion, heart rate and other autonomic processes, as well

Thebrain is made of three main parts: the forebrain, midbrain, and hindbrain. The forebrain consists ofthe cerebrum, thalamus, and hypothalamus (part

They’re the “executive” partofthebrain, or our brain’s CEO. Higher order thinking goes on here, including reasoning, planning, organizing, and

Generally, the left hemisphere ofthebrain controls writing, the Mayfield Clinic explains. It also controls speech, comprehension and arithmetic.

Thebrain stem, at the base ofthebrain, communicates with the hypothalamus to control the transitions between wake and sleep.

The cerebral cortex is the partofthebrain that functions to make human beings unique. Distinctly human traits including higher thought, language, and human consciousness as well as the ability to think, reason and imagine all originate in the cerebral cortex. The cerebral cortex is what we see...