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With a prepayment meter you have to pay for your gas and electricity up front.They work a bit like a payasyougo mobile phone - you have to top-up with credit to

A PayAsYouGometer (also known as a prepayment meter) allows you to pay for your gas and electricityasyou use it.

And with your smart PayAsYouGometer, you can easily top up online anytime, anywhere.

Hi, I currently have payasyougo gas and electricmeters at my house, can I switch to bulb?

Our easy to use pay-as-you-go tariff is an easy way to keep track of your energy use with PAYG gas and electricmeters.

Have more control with PayAsYouGo on your prepayment meter - you simply pay for energy asyou use it. How it works. We send you a key for your electricitymeter or a

Quick Electricity offers a variety of prepaid electricity, or payasyougo plans, available without a credit check, deposit or long term contract and same day. Prefer a monthly or yearly residential energy plan? Check out our fixed rate electricity from the best electric companies in the state.

I've had an Electric Ireland Prepay meter installed a few days ago. I was a little behind with my bill so this was offered as an option. It has a lot to

Get E.ON smart meters. Smart PayAsYouGo. Connect a new supply. Warm Home Discount. Renewable electricity. Get smart meters.

Choose EDF Energy PayAsYouGo (prepayment meter) to keep control of your energy costs. Find out how it could work for you.

If you have a meter there are a number of things you will have to plan in advance. To ensure you always have power when you need it you should make sure

Payasyougoelectric. I swear my electric co is my arch nemesis. Now that our house has closed, I'll be seeking some...

PayAsYouGo Questions & Answers. What is this program and why is it different from other payment programs? Currently our customers use utilities for 29 to 33 days

Ive just moved into an apt with an EDF electricpayasyougometer. Ive no manual or info on how to read the meter and its all very confusing. Can anyone suggest any websites where it explains what all the figures mean. I have contacted EDF but im not holding my breath for simple instruction.

Payasyougo plans are advantageous in comparison, as they require payment in order to begin service.

Electric launches new PayAsYouGoElectricity tariff[/caption] Electric Ireland is the first of the major energy suppliers to officially launch a PayAs

Unless you have a Smart Meter or a PayAsYouGoMeter, our Meter Technician will call every quarter to read your meter. If we are unable to gain access we will leave a card. You can submit your own reading online, by emailing [email protected], by calling 505295 or by returning the card in the post.

You can top up your smart PAYGmeter through our app. You can download this now – simply pick your preference below.

Easy Payment. Our prepaid plans give you pay-as-you-go convenience. Make payments on your terms - online, in your Online Account Manager, in

Smart meter based prepaid electric service is poised for growth in the United States, according to