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Replacedfuelpumpnowgasgaugenotworking. Reply 1: The fuelpump has a float on it.

Went through all the work of *not* cutting my trunk floorboard to get the fuelpump out and replace it with the racetronix plug n play kit, and now the damn fuel gauge isn't responding. Just filled the tank just in case it was very low, and it still reads...

The gasgauge and fuelpump are on two separate circuits tand both go inside the gas tank. The gasgauge usesf a float that moves a resistor

The fuelpump module includes the fuel sending unit, used by the gasgauge to detect and display fuel level. https

Gasgaugenotworking? In this video I show you how to diagnose and replace the level sensor inside the gas tank. I replace the level sensor on this 2001 Jeep Cherokee but the same process can be applied to almost every vehicle out there. I put a link to the fuelpump/level sensor and fuel tank...

If the fuelgauge needle doesn't complete a full sweep, you now know the problem is with the fuelgauge. If it completes the self-check with no issues, move on to the next

If your gaugenow works, replace the faulty relay. If not, re-install the relay and, depending on which is easier to

Hello, I just bought a new fuelpump for my 2003, ML350 and the fuel gauge is notworking. Does anybody has an idea how can I fix this?

My fuel gauge in my 95 Jeep Wranger stopped working. Since the dealership quoted me $2300.00 to fix it I decided to do it myself. I replaced the fuelpump and sending unit and that did not fix the problem.

I recently had a new complete fuelpump module replaced inside the tank $650. and now my fuel gauge is notworking. When I fill the gas tank gauge reads a little over half and then drops very quickly.

If this test works and the fuelpump runs, just remember to replace the bad relay before you drive the car. FuelPump Circuit Breaker Reset.

My gasgauge was at 1 blip and I put a couple of gallons in the tank and I noticed that the gauge did not respond.

Next after making sure that the gauge worked i tested the sending units by grounding each but they didnt move. Bridged the two sending wires (driver and

I have a 2007 Ford Explorer, the fuelpump was replaced at a local garage however the low fuel light stays on, the gas guage stopped working and the display button will not allow you to select reset when i changed the oil so that stays on now too. What would cause this and how do i correct.