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Replacedfuelpumpnowgasgaugenotworking. Reply 1: The fuelpump has a float on it.

The fuelpump module includes the fuel sending unit, used by the gasgauge to detect and display fuel level. https

So originally the old pump was not bad. All I did was remove the harness under the hood and cleaned up all burnt wires and replaced harness.

If the gasgauge is not reading there is possibly a shortsomewhere between the fuel tank and the gauge

The fuelgauge goes to the drivers side first in a solid yellow wire. This is the one if grounded should

Electronics - FuelGaugeNotWorking - Well guys I bought a 89 Iroc 350 auto not to long ago. GasGauge doesnt work though.

Did I blow fuelpump 15amp fuse? 1 Answer. disconnected negative side of battery before dropping tank to replacefuelpump.

The fuel gauge is notworking is usually caused by a bad fuse, or a bad float or sending unit.

My gasgauge was at 1 blip and I put a couple of gallons in the tank and I noticed that the gauge did not respond.

The gasgauge reads 'empty' even with plenty of gas in the tank. The other gaugeswork.

The fuelpump assembly was replaced because I think the mechanic explained that the float is part of it.

Fuelgauge stuck on 1/4 tank. Not having luck finding a thread on possible repairs or issues.

My wifes 03 9-3's fuelgauge quit working right after she filled up. It worked on the way to the gas station telling her it was low, after the fill up nothing from

The fuel gauge will display a filtered fuel level value. This filter will keep the pointer from moving suddenly or erratically.

Correction: Title meant to say fuel gaugenot fuel pressure gauge. So I just installed a new oem fuelpump, put it

Is your fuelpumpworking ? Let’s start with some basic testing. Turn off the radio and close the windows to eliminate any noise in the car.

Hello, I just bought a new fuelpump for my 2003, ML350 and the fuel gauge is notworking. Does anybody has an idea how can I fix this?

I recently had a new complete fuelpump module replaced inside the tank $650. and now my fuel gauge is notworking. When I fill the gas tank gauge reads a little over half and then drops very quickly.

So is the gauge actually working, but the Low Fuel Warning Light isn't coming on? If so then just go by the gauge. I have never seen the Low Fuel Warning

1999 chevy suburban k1500 5.7 210k gasgauge was notworking and was have hard starts so I did research that problem was sending unit so I replaced the whole fuelpump and sending unit and connector and still gauge is on EMPTY NOT MOVING please help.

Couldn't get started so bought fuelpump and hired mobile mechanic to put it in. after he installed it, the pathfinder started up but check engine light came on

Is replacing the fuelpump really that bad? I just replaced the fuelpump on my 07 Expedition.

If fuelgauge is notworking, could be something like: 1) Fuelgauge sending unit is bad or disconnected (at fuel tank).

My gasgauge wasn't working for the longest time. Swapping gas tanks, clusters, better grounds, and everything i could think of.

If an electric fuelpump is notworking, is not delivering enough fuel pressure to meet specifications, or is not pumping enough fuel volume to keep up with the engine's needs, the pump may need to be replaced. But before that happens, you should rule out all the other possibilities such as a plugged...

My fuel gauge is acting weird.... it works when it wants to.... and other times it doesnt work at all & my idiot light comes on... this morning, i drive to my

My gasgauge would work except when I pulled on the lights. If I dimmed the dash lights all the way to off the gaugeworked.

Yes the Temp gauge is working fine, and the gasgauge was working 2 weeks ago. So I will try the ground wire thing. Now if the gauge moves towards

All gaspumps are not created equal, so one pump might give you a few more tenths before shutting off than the next pump.

I notice that the gasgauge takes a LONG time to come up to the correct position, and even after i fill up the tank, it NEVER goes to full (even though the pump clickes off.) It always just stops at little over 3 quarters, but the main point is that the...

A broken gasgauge can lead to considerable frustration for drivers. Until a fix is made, some drivers resort to guesswork and attempt to estimate their gas consumption by