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Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the StarTrek: The NextGeneration universe.

Why did Webster crossover with StarTrek? That is, of course, the million dollar question; and unlike the various StarTrek shows, I can’t simply grab my copy of The Webster Companion to find out the behind-the-scenes motivations for this episode existing in the first place. But here’s what I know: both...

StarTrek has spawned multiple spin-offs, but which is the best? The NextGeneration and DeepSpaceNine battle it out for supremacy here.

A superstar before StarTrek, Whoopi has continued tostar in films – as characters or often just as herself. Many will also know her as the face of ABC's The View, one of the most successful daytime talkshows in America, where she has moderated the panel for the last eight seasons.

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Unlike other StarTrek series, DeepSpaceNine embraces long-form storytelling, with arcs and plots that thread through a number of episodes at a time. As a result, it's difficult to convincingly argue for skipping episodes in the same way that can be done for, say, StarTrek: The NextGeneration.

DeepSpaceNine isn’t knocking every ball out of the park, but it has been hitting solid doubles and triples for some time now, and this episode

StarTrek: The NextGeneration.

Next. The Enterprise makes a confrontational first contact with the piratical Ferengi race as their two ships are ensnared by a presumed dead planet ready to judge them.

The StarTrek: NextGeneration crew will be going up against the solider xenomorphs of Aliens in a new comic from IDW.

Emissary was the pilot of StarTrek: DeepSpaceNine; it turned the crossover cameo in a StarTrek pilot into an expectation. A lot of set up occurs in this episode but some of the more interesting scenes are those with Commander Sisko and Captain Picard. You see, at the start there is quite a bit of...

The final episode of the seven season strong StarTrek: The NextGeneration proves the old saying, but everything leading up to it also discards that idea, disproves

An entire DS9 episode is dedicated to the importance of Trills not maintaining relationships across

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...(1993) StarTrekNextGeneration Genesis Wave Gift Set (1994) The Best of StarTrek The Next

In-depth critical reviews of StarTrek and some other sci-fi series. Includes all episodes of The Original Series, The NextGeneration, DeepSpace

Thirty years ago, “StarTrek” proved it wasn’t just a story about Kirk and Spock; it was a story universe rich with possibilities, including a whole new cast of characters. Ranking the men and women of “StarTrek: The NextGeneration” is a far more brutal task than initially anticipated because, as the series...

Set in XXIV century, StarTrek: The NextGeneration talks about Kirk's legacy in the nextgeneration of explorers. TNG is one of the most loved ST series by fans. Personally I love more ENT, DS9 and VOY, but that's another story. These guys are more confident and "superman and superwoman" than...

Several characters within the StarTrek franchise, primary and secondary, often made crossover appearances between one live-action series and

StarTrek: Icarus -1- The distraught young woman clad in a drab grey jumpsuit stepped out of the tiny automated shuttlecraft, hair in disarray from the

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As the Who crossover suggests, StarTrek: The NextGeneration/Aliens is just the latest in a number of comic book series mixing Trek with other science fiction franchises; in recent years, IDW — which holds the Trek comic book rights — has teamed with DC Entertainment for both StarTrek/Legion of...

The Enterprise returns 100 years after Kirk and crew set off on their five-year mission with 'StarTrek: The NextGeneration.' Commanded by Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart), the Enterprise is staffed by a stalwart collection of the Federation's finest. With the Federation and Klingon Empire now...

After IDW recently gave The NextGeneration its first proper stint into the beloved Mirror Universe, its newest Trek comic offers a follow up that honestly

He has also contributed his talent and energy to the StarTrek film series as well as StarTrek: DeepSpaceNine and StarTrek: Voyager. And Sternbach is the co-author, with Michael Okuda, of the StarTrek: The NextGeneration Technical Manual, which has an incredible half million copies in print.

The 10 Most Fun 'StarTrek: The NextGeneration' Episodes. They're not the best, but they're the ones we can't help but watch again and again.

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