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My unlock type is swipethat is no security but then too I cannot access my swipe options as it has beengreyedout only some options are available I...

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Below is a simple guide explaining how to disable the lock screen on your Galaxy Note 3 or Galaxy

Taking screenshot onGalaxyS5 is quite necessary for those who desire to share others the

Once enabled, you can swipe down on the fingerprint sensor to lower the notification shade without having to reach to the top of your screen.

Your GalaxyS5 shouldn't look like everyone else's. Here are some quick ways to change the look and feel of your

The Samsung GalaxyS5 has a fingerprint scanner, yep, it does. It's not as slick as Apple's on the iPhone 5s, but it's

Samsung GalaxyS5 is packed with one of the most powerful processor, camera and health features. We have all the tutorials, instructions and tips on how to get the most out of

If you've got some apps on your GalaxyS5that simply refuse to close or that freeze so you can't get out of them, here are a few ways to force close an app, but we'll also show you

The palm swipe feature is automatically enabled on your GalaxyS5, so if you haven’t manually turned off this feature then this method should work. Place your hand on the far right side of your GalaxyS5, like you are making an invisible handshake on top of the S5. Make sure that your pinky/bottom...

Taking screenshots on the GalaxyS5 is extremely easily. Hold down the Power and Home buttons simultaneously until the screenshot is taken.

Those clumsy-looking small phones with stiff hardware keys and small screens were good for

That is why I encourage many people I know to shop with Paypal like I do. If you own a GalaxyS5, this new Swipe Payment application can be used in 25

Thanks to the Swype feature on Android you can continuously type by sliding your finger across keyboard. To turn on / turn off Swipe keyboard

But the handset is of course the core product in Samsung's mobile strategy, and this is the new flagship device, following on the heels of last year's massively successful GalaxyS4.

are some apps out there that causes such harm. so how do we go about this? that what this post is about, so lets dive into it.

Next up, a video that focuses on the stock S Health app that taps the handset’s built-in pedometer and heart rate

In that small device that you are holding in your palm is all the power you need to do some awesome things but what good is a powerful tool as the Samsung galaxyS5

Smart Lock is one of the most useful features that was introduced in Android Lollipop. Thankfully, Samsung has also implemented it in its devices

The Samsung GalaxyS5 is a big phone, both physically and figuratively. Packed within its slightly boring plastic shell is mega-powerful hardware running

Samsung Galaxy ERROR--Swipe section is grayed out in the "Select screen lock section and it says Turned off by administrator, encryption policy, or credential ...

The GalaxyS5s5.1-inch Super AMOLED display is simply one of the best to ever grace a smartphone, but it doesn’t always make for

Taking a screenshot on the GalaxyS8 — or almost any other Galaxy phone — with a swipe of your hand is easy. Set your hand vertically on either

Swipe the screen to the right until you see the All tab. Scroll down to find the desired default app(in this case

Swipe keyboard is one of the best feature for those who use their Samsung GalaxyS4 for messages, emails or other things that imply texts. You can use the voice recognition future to write easier and faster texts. Also, Swipe can predict words that you type.

The camera on the Samsung GalaxyS5 is one of the more powerful on the market, featuring an Isocell unit that offers up 16MP snaps.

You must be the owner of a rooted GalaxyS5 if you want this procedure to work; here’s a step by step tutorial on how to root your GalaxyS5; When it comes to root customizations, the best tool that you can choose is none other than Xposed Framework. Do you have it installed on your Samsung...

Samsung Galaxys5 image stabilization is not present in the lollipop upgrade.Once you've updated to the new version the Picture stabilization will be missing.

It is unnacceptable that there is problem. The emergency infrastructure is not set up for millions of false calls from users, and ATT doesn't seem to be

The only setback is that when you have saved a lot of stuff on your Samsung GalaxyS9 and you can no longer trace some of them.

Samsung is working with PayPal on integrating it into mobile payments, too, so that you could effectively buy apps, products, and services and

Hi, So my GalaxyS II's battery is now pretty low (4%) and the brightness setting appears to begreyedout - I can't even get into the option to change the

This is one of easiest tasks that you could ever need to learn and apply using your GalaxyS5 phone. Below you can two different methods and both of

There are different methods for taking screenshots on Samsung GalaxyS Phones without the need

One neat gesture though is taking a screenshot by swiping your palm on the screen. But turning off these gestures can help improve battery life too.