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My unlock type is swipethat is no security but then too I cannot access my swipe options as it has beengreyedout only some options are available I...

been reading this everywhere, if this is true it defeats the whole purpose of the fingerprint scanner, who the hell wants to use 2 hands esp when

With Swipe to call, you can swipe a contact from the Contact app, and the phone will immediately initialize the call. "samsung galaxy" galaxy samsung s V s5 "s5" "s V" s V "galaxys V" "galaxys5" "galaxys5".

That’s all there is to turning the S Voice home button shortcut off. S Voice is still installed and accessible on the GalaxyS5 after this, but you

Those clumsy-looking small phones with stiff hardware keys and small screens were good for

Samsung GalaxyS5 is packed with one of the most powerful processor, camera and health features. We have all the tutorials, instructions and tips on how to get the most out of your phone on this

Thanks to the Swype feature on Android you can continuously type by sliding your finger across keyboard. To turn on / turn off Swipe keyboard

One of the GalaxyS5's coolest features is its fingerprint sensor, which can be used for convenient security purposes. Similar to the iPhone 5s

Taking screenshots on the GalaxyS5 is extremely easily. Hold down the Power and Home buttons simultaneously until the screenshot is taken.

You should now be able to swipe down on the home screen to open the notification panel to check out your phone’s notifications; swiping up will still take you

The Samsung GalaxyS5 is a big phone, both physically and figuratively. Packed within its slightly boring plastic shell is mega-powerful hardware running the latest

Although most GalaxyS9 touchscreen gestures work on all other Android phones, you may not be

This is the most common way to take a screenshot that more or less works on all Android smartphones.

The GalaxyS10 comes with Samsung's One UI out of the box. That means not only do you get Android Pie, but you get a more-refined look and

The Samsung GalaxyS5 has a fingerprint scanner, yep, it does. It's not as slick as Apple's on the iPhone 5s, but it's

The GalaxyS5 lets you bypass the lock screen to snap a picture. Simply swipe the camera icon up