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One of the greatest activities todowith your guyfriends is a night of laser tag!

Asking aguyfriend to help. Who doesn't like standing around a grill making a meal for your lady while sharing a beer with your guyfriend?

This is how I told aguyfriend I liked him, and four thingsto think about first. I hope they can help you as they've helped me! Love, Tiffany Dawn.

Does he want to date you or would he prefer if you just stayed buds? Here are 14 signs that he sees you as a friend, not a girlfriend.

How to friend zone aguy? Is friendship between a man and woman possible or is it just a myth?

Coming up with thingstodowith your girlfriend can be hard… especially when you feel likeyou’ve already done every possible date in the world.

8. Guys are afraid to ask you out because they think you're dating one of your guyfriends. It's likeyou need to wear a sign that advertises your single status 24/7 in

Next thingyou know he’ll be like, “Wouldn’t it be cute if you wore my Grandma’s old wedding ring?” and

What do you do if aguyyoulike as a friend kisses you and youlike another guy? Tell your friendyou don't feel the same way about him as he does

If you only see your guyfriend sporadically, you might not be on his relationship radar just yet. The attraction he feels is more of a slow-burn instead of

Coming up with thingstodo each time you meet is mostly the problem. This is more so for those who have been together for a long time and feel like they have explored everything there is to

Hanging out with your guy best friend that youlike is almost like a date but with no burden.

I mean, how could he with your best friend listening in? He knows you probably tell her everything anyways, but that’s not the point.

If aguylikesyou as more than a friend, he likesthings about you, and he won’t be able to stop himself from sharing what those things are.

Begin doingthings with just your guyfriend, such as eating out, simply sitting around, or watching TV or movies. You want to keep this as casual as possible at first, though, as you don't

If you feel likeyou are in the same boat, there are some thingsyou can look out for in your guyfriend's behavior before you decide to take the

Ask your friends to see if any guy secretly keeps on looking at you when you’re together. Do this whenever you suspect that something seems fishy when you’re with that guyfriend.Make your

Doyou HONESTLY think he likesyou? How close are you two? Didyou answer these questions.

I haven't seen my guyfriend in a while, but I am tonight. But I have no idea what we should do. I wanna get a chance to talk to him and catch up, where can youdo that

You say you don’t, but you go to parties together, watch movies, go on trekking tours, etc. because you share an

Doyou want to make friends and strengthen relationships? In this blog post, you’ll learn how to build relationships and spend quality time with your friends. Simply pick one or more of the activities, invite your friends and acquaintances and watch your friendships grow.

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The next time you want todo something fun with your boyfriend and you're out of fun date ideas, Check

So, doyou think he likesyou? Are youguys more than friends? Maybe youguys need to wait, or just go for it.

Does love have to sweep you off your feet? Maybe youguys could learn to be attracted to each other, the way your grandma keeps telling you.

You have been eating lunch witha group of friends in the school cafeteria for a few months now -- and suddenly find yourself alone at the table

Not sure what thingstodowith your boyfriend? Look no further! There are so many fun thingsto try with your favorite guy – if you have the time.

How to Politely Tell AGuy He is JUST a Friend. Why Do Girls Put Guys in the Friendzone?

You'll get guy advice from, well, aguy. When you’re having trouble with your boyfriend or just want to

Are youdoingthings together that couples do? For example, grocery shopping, cooking dinner together, or even going to the Farmer’s Market with one grocery bag?

It’s awkward when you really likeaguy, but you’re not sure if he likesyou. You don’t want to come on too strong, that might push him away, or lead to a very

If you really wish todo something romantic and intimate, here are some ideas. Cook dinner together and arrange the table with scented candles.

Do you know how to hit the right topics to progress the date, connect with her, and lay the groundwork for taking her home? For most guys, the answer is NO.

You always seem to have a hard time convincing your girl friends that there's no romance present in your relationship, and you keep getting

You’re hot like coffee, sweet like sugar and filled witha little extra pep to make it simply perfect.” 11. “To have you for only a few years would kill me.

You're friends, but sometimes it feels like there might be something more.

You might dothings that you don’t even realize. Does he seem to act as if he is not really all in tune with all his senses? If your answer is yes then he might be thinking that

Coming up with thingstodo each time you meet is mostly the problem. This is more so for those who have been together for a long time and feel like they

4. You expect your guyfriend to understand everything you deal with on a daily basis.

Are you wondering whether or not aguylikesyou more than just a friend? In this short video, Adam teaches you the 3 ways to know if he really likes

Guyslike to discuss about their “girlfriends” with their “girl” friends. 4. Have youguys gone out on a date alone yet? If not, why not initiate one.

That’s difficult with thingstodo around the house and children. Not to mention if you spend more time with your buddy than your wife or girlfriend thinks is appropriate

You have to ask yourself, is it going to make you any happier if you sit there and worry about every single thing this guy is thinking and doing? If you keep waiting around for a certain outcome with your friend, you will waste time fixating on aguy who is never going to come around which is time you...

Doyou find yourself running out of thingsto talk to your boyfriend about?