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There are many classes in dragracing and each class has its own restrictions and its requirements.

Basics ofDragRacing. In simplest terms, a dragrace is a side-by-side acceleration contest between two cars on a

At NHRA Mello Yello DragRacing Series events, fans may see more than 200 classes of vehicles in 15 categories, or eliminators. Class eligibility is based on requirements that include typeof vehicle, engine size, vehicle weight, allowable modifications, and aerodynamics.

A dragrace is a race between two cars, performed in a straight line. The standard track distances are 1/4 mile and 1/8 mile and more recently 1000ft for the Top fuel cars. There are several ways the races are performed with the most common types being heads up, ET (Bracket racing), and Indexed.

Dragraces after World War II were held on military runways, growing out of speed runs (sanctioned and otherwise) on California’s dry lakes.

Dragracing (1954) is from slang sense of "wagon, buggy" (1755), because a horse would drag it. By 1851 this was transferred to "street," as in the

A dragrace is a competition between two vehicles racing side by side in a straight line for a distance of a quarter-mile (sometimes it’s an eighth-mile)

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A lot of racers have tried to harness the uncontrollable power of a rocket engine, some better than others. You see, the problem with a rocket in a dragracing

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Nearly every typeof competition car ever to lay tire on a drag strip can be seen in Barry’s collection.

DragRacing is a thrilling racing game in which you are given the opportunity to compete in and win dragraces and show to the world how good a

Dragracing: Dragracing, form of motor racing that originated in the United States and in which two contestants race

How to DragRace. Burning rubber, hot tracks, awesome cars. Like Bruce Springsteen says, when summer's here, the time's just

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DragRacing. Ever since the invention of the motor car drivers have been obsessed with speed. But how did this lust for the ultimate fast ride evolve into

DragRace - Dragracing is considered the most common typeof race around, this involves two or more vehicles to accelerate from zero until the given distance is reached. The start is usually started by a person dropping his arm or if at night they use flash lights.

Someone Made an 1850-HP DragRacing Engine Out of a BMW V10. It has two turbos and sounds as wonderful as you'd expect.

DragRacing: Streets latest version: A Free game for Android‚ by Square. DragRacing: Streets is a free Android software, being part of the

Dragracing is held on a short distance track, generally in 200 meters or 400 meters. The main governing body for dragracing is the National

This typeof innovation led to many breakthroughs in the dragracing industry, but our story starts in the late 1940s, when dragracing had no industry, and racers had no ulterior motives, besides going faster than the guy in the other lane.

The DragRacing games have charm for both the girls and also boys of all ages. The game is often consisted of maneuvering the helpful carts that are colorfully intended to indicate various incidents. The controls of the drag games are often created slippery to duplicate the uncertain weather condition of...

DragRacing Lingo: Backpedal: When a driver lets off the throttle to regain traction and avoid or stop tire shake. Breakout: Used only in handicap

Dragracing is a form of racing that is unique to the United States. It grew directly out of illegal match racing on rural roads by high-school students in the

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Semi Trucks DragRacing. I LOVE IT! This has everything to piss off a whiny Liberal: belching smoke, diesel engines, and Confederate Flags.

Like all forms of motorsports, DragRacing is split into assorted categories to equalize performance. There are two major groups - the

Dragraces are the race typeof the one who gets the best acceleration on a level area, who wins. You can win the races in DragRacing game by stepping up gear on the right time. If you shift up gear on the green line which you can see on the tachometer, you can reach the highest speed.

Production-based dragracers are characterized as a production vehicle modified with various degrees of customization in order to drive as quickly as possible in a straight line over a fixed distance. No other typeof race car, except perhaps Formula One is capable of generating as much acceleration as the...

Dragracing is perhaps the fastest, loudest and most spectacular motorsport of all, pitting two cars and drivers against each

DragRacingDragracing is one of the most basic forms of racing sport. In a dragrace, drivers attempt to accelerate as fast as possible in order to beat their opponent. Generally dragraces are held on a straight track measuring either 1/8th or 1/4th mile.

Specialist only transmissions DragRacing Top Speed Time Trial. Generalist only transmissions Any typeof Race transmission.

DragRacing a streetbike is dangerous, and this article was intended as a guide only, not as advice that should be followed.

RuPaul’s DragRace Season 5 contestant, Penny Tration, is the perfect example of the Professional. 4. Under the Radar –a queen who is not

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Dragracing is a typeof motor racing in which automobiles or motorcycles (usually specially prepared for the purpose) compete, usually two at a time, to be first to cross a set