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Dyan Twining | Founder, Urban Coop Company. Featured ChickenCoops™. All models include our 5-Star customer support guaranteeing your success.

UrbanChickenCoops. This is a custom made chicken tractor that moves around the yard like a wheelbarrow.

Unique, custom made, mobile tractor style, UrbanChickenCoops.

My UrbanCoop, the exclusive seller of the all new Chicken Chew Layer feed and your one stop shop for all your Urban Bird needs and desires.

Why UrbanChicken Eggs Are Green. No matter the color of your urbanchicken eggs shells, they're all green at their core, and by that I mean green as in "sustainable," not green as in "eww, to...

A chicken tractor is a 2 story mobile chickencoop that is the healthest way to house urban

Urban Design ChickenCoops: Where Country and City Collide. Each and every ChickenCoop we sell is authentically handcrafted by master Amish craftsmen. Who better to craft some of the finest...

Probably the most well known of coops aimed at the urbanchicken keeper is omlet’s eglu.

This coop can easily be moved by two strong people to fresh ground. The nest roof opens to collect eggs, and the removable 35" long roost eases the chore of cleaning. This coop can be made tight...

"modern chickencoop" - With more and more people becoming interested in urban farming, Anker Bak designed this modern chickencoop to make it easy to house chickens on yo...

POC POC is a modern chickencoop, specially designed for the urban backyard.

The Advantek UrbanChickenCoop provides a safe place for chickens to roost, and its durable construction will last for years. Constructed of rot- and insect-resistant fir, this chickencoop is easy to...

Modern urban Style. Modern Barn Coop.

Though the chickens have a larger run, underneath the coop we built a cage Tom calls “Chicken

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Lyanda Haupt’s urbanchickencoop has been carefully designed with safety from wild animals in

Plan a chickencoop that will blend with the neighborhood aesthetics. Architecturally inclined chicken keepers design coops to complement their homes. If your city has a chickencoop tour, you’ll be...

UrbanChickenCoops from Ikea? July 1 By ChickenCoop Plans 1 Comment.

Looking for the perfect chickencoop? We have a wide variety of coops and runs for any budget. From small to extra large chickencoops, we have you covered.

Let UrbanChickens help get the Fun started! Our product line.

Rita Marie's ChickenCoops carries the best Amish-built, long-lasting large chickencoops in the country! We help make America's backyards beautiful.

Because many modern chickencoops, your own likely included, are popping up in urban environments, space is at a premium. Just as you shouldn’t count your chickens before the hatch...

The UrbanChickenCoop is designed to humane industry standards and will fit 2 chickens comfortably. Advantek’s GoneGreen line of Rabbit and Poultry Hutches are a great way to safely...

3. UrbanChickenCoop. If you’re the type who loves step-by-step photographs to go along with

Building ChickenCoops. Organic Chicken Feed.

These Chickencoops, featured at The City Chicken, are perfect place to raise your own backyard flock. These house are quite the architectural feats! Any chicken would be proud to call one home.

Try Bay Street UrbanChicken for great tasting chicken, ribs, and shrimp. Fast free delivery 7 days a week. Our buffalo wings and ribs cannot be beat!

Chickens are fast becoming a popular urban item! Below is a list of ideas featuring DIY simple chickencoops and ideas. Different design options, and practical information.

America's #1 Source For Backyard ChickenCoops & Hen Houses. High-Quality Build, Easy To

Our chickencoops range from the small city chickencoops good for 1 - 4 chickens, all the way up to our 10x16 Round Roof ChickenCoop that will hold up to 30 chickens.

Our Best Selling ChickenCoops. We've searched the world over to find the best, most practical, and unique designs for backyard, urban, and home chickencoops.

Sleek designer chickencoops are all well and good but there’s a place for quirky, homespun warmth if that’s what your heart desires. Benjamin Stein, CTO of Mobile Commons, lives on a small urban farm...

Love chickens and urban hen-keeping? I photographed these chickencoops and hens on a city

Thanks to space-conscious chickencoops for urban yards, more people are raising chickens in the city. A downside to this are what the national media are dubbing as “hipsters” abandoning their...

Texas urban backyard chickens and pampered pets can be living the Good Life "Southern Style!" in our Luxury quality and affordable custom Fancy chickencoops and our unique pet houses.

Chickencoops form the heart of many urban farmers’ livelihoods. Providing sustenance directly through eggs, indirectly through fertilization of soil, and supplementing any waste management...

The "UrbanCoop" poultry hutch is finely constructed of environmentally friendly, insect-resistant and rot-resistant fir lumber.

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