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How To Prepare ToApply Self-Tanner Without A Mitt. Now, no matter what you usetoapply your self-tanner, preparing before-hand will make a world

You can certainly “faketan” the rest of your body, but the area which is tattooed should not be touched with the stuff until it’s at least fully healed.

How often should you applyfaketan to maintain a year-round glow? I’d recommend using a self tan once or twice a month to give a strong hit of

Our faketan application guide will ensure your tan is smooth and even.

We Get It: FakeTan Can Be Tricky, But It Really Needn't Be.

How to Fix a FakeTan. Laying in the sun for that summer glow is always tempting, but it comes with consequences like retinal damage, sunspots, wrinkles

Do you usefaketan? And if so, how religiously? Here, three Vogue editors describe their relationships with faketan, from

Luckily, we've recruited some faketanning obsessives to give you the best hacks, tips and tricks on getting a perfect finish.

And whatcan we do if we have a Ross Gellar style disaster and need to get it all of asap?

Discover how to usefaketan with self-tanning products from Boots. Learn how to get the perfect

Before discussing the best way toapply a faketan, it might be helpful to understand a little bit about what the tanning agent is and how safe it is

A woman has shared a photo of what faketanning looks like when it goes very wrong - after she claims she was left the same colour 'as a dining table'.

However, faketan can leave troublesome orange stains, which can be tricky to remove if you don’t know the best method: use this video to learn how to get faketan

From mousses and lotions to sprays, faketan suffers from a bad reputation but is it really any wonder? While getting a sun-kissed glow steadily makes its way onto our beauty agenda the

3. Do not apply moisturizer before applying the tanning product.

This allows you to gauge what the product will look like, how well it spreads and blends before moving on to the rest. Be sure to use the same amount of

Unfortunately faketans don't discriminate. Celebrity spray tan disasters are as common as the everyday faketan fail and while this post isn't

Tanning can be perfect if you handle it with proper skin care and bronzer treatment. It’s actually a technique to use a faketan and it might become troublesome if you overexpose too much or if you apply

After what feels like a winter of Game of Thrones proportions, we can finally ditch the tights!

STEP 4 Use the self-tanner base about two or three days in a row. “Once you have a base, you can start contouring your body and cheating to

Tanning lotions can contain up to 15% DHA, though the lotions available to buy in shops max out at 5%, and are usually in the 3-5% range.

Pro tips for using faketan to cover those tan lines. Bikini lines ruining a strapless dress look?

Curious to see if it worked, Silversides tried it out for herself. But it didn't quite go as planned. Silversides, who is from Scarborough, said she spotted a viral post from Facebook user Amy Ridley, which claimed that using paint rollers toapplyfaketan could help get an even glow.

Only ever applyfaketan to clean, dry skin. Apply in gentle sweeping movements with flat hands

Can sumone please tell me how toapply false tan properley,I've tried everything,exfoliating first,moisterising then rubbing in evenly but

2. Lightly moisturize To avoid streaks, apply a lightweight oil-free moisturizer on the drier areas of your face.

This is what happened to 17-year-old UK faux glow lover Imogen Silversides, who saw a video of a woman (below) applying streak-free faketanusing a

Mr Bean is great to use before you faketan. I exfoliate away dry skin and smooth lumps and bumps to help your tan go on more evenly, and stay on for longer. But I'm also great at removing your faketan.

Imogen Silversides attempted toapply self-tanner with a paint roller and ended up looking the "color of a dining table."

How to fake a tan. So whatcan you do if you fancy a golden glow but without the risks?

How can a lazy girl applyfaketan like a (semi) pro at home? I’ve mastered the art and I’d love to share it with you. Step one.

Self tanning is the best and healthiest way to give yourself a little more color in your face. Its very handy for the winter because you dont get much sun and

One writer needs to get a spray tan before a weekend wedding—but also has a last minute work trip to Europe. Here's how she fits it all in.

Instead of using her hands or plastic gloves, Silversides used a woman named Amy Ridler’s tip of

I have heard that you can get mits toapply the tan but that just seems ridiculous and the pair I do have are very expensive and of sentimental value. How long do I leave it on for? I don't want to stain my bed sheets as I only changed them today. Sorry to ask so many questions. I am a noob to faketan.

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Getting an even tan at home has always been quite difficult because there are just some places that are hard to reach. Thankfully Bronzie has come up with the answer! The all over tanning mitt is designed to reach everywhere, meaning you’ll get a natural all-over tan without having to contort yourself into...

Faketans that are dreadfully obvious are never a good look. Put your tanning stress to rest with these simple

Using a scrub glove will help apply the tan smoothly with no streaks. Just put some of the cream or