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i dont have time 2 go out and buy anything but i have no idea where my mitt is so is there anything else i can use 2 applyfaketan ??

What’s the best time of day toapplyfaketan? "This is all down to personal preference and the type of product or formula that you’re using," Emma said.

I can't use those ointments, Iuse children's sunblock once my tattoo heals for a couple days and It works beautifully, my color has stayed nice and bright.

Starting from your shoulders apply the faketan to both shoulders and arms using the same circular and then vertical movements as above.

You can faketan almost everywhere with body faketan. But use facial faketan for the face and neck.

Faketanning can get complicated and very messy at the same time so we show you what to buy and how toapply it. It’s simple toapply the faketan

To avoid a patchy faketan, you need to gently scrub skin before beforehand to lift any dead skin cells and reveal revitalised, ready-to-tan skin beneath.

Discover how to usefaketan with self-tanning products from Boots. Learn how to get the perfect

Bean Body is great to use before you faketan. It exfoliates dry skin away and smooths lumps and bumps to help apply your tan evenly, and stay on for longer. But I'm also great at removing your faketan.

To help achieve a flawless finish, St.Tropez Tanning Expert and official Strictly Come Dancing Tanner Jules Heptonstall gives his top tips and tricks... "As the spray tanner on Strictly Come Dancing for the past 3 years running, I know how to get gorgeous golden skin that sits well with sparkles, so sit back...

We Get It: FakeTan Can Be Tricky, But It Really Needn't Be.

This is what happened to 17-year-old UK faux glow lover Imogen Silversides, who saw a video of a woman (below) applying streak-free faketanusing a

This how-to ended up as a "what not to do." After seeing another woman post a successful Snapchat video of herself applying self-tanner with a paint roller

How can a lazy girl applyfaketan like a (semi) pro at home? I’ve mastered the art and I’d love to share it with you. Step one.

Before discussing the best way toapply a faketan, it might be helpful to understand a little bit about what the tanning agent is and how safe it is

STEP 4 Use the self-tanner base about two or three days in a row. “Once you have a base, you can start contouring your body and cheating to

Luckily, we've recruited some faketanning obsessives to give you the best hacks, tips and tricks on getting a perfect finish.

Tanning can be perfect if you handle it with proper skin care and bronzer treatment. It’s actually a technique to use a faketan and it might become troublesome if you overexpose too much or if you apply

Do you usefaketan? And if so, how religiously? Here, three Vogue editors describe their relationships with faketan, from a fairweather user to a devoted and loyal fan.

'Using a faketan is considerably safer than lying in the sun or tanning booth,' she says. 'Real tanning works by exposing you to UV radiation that damages the skin and increases the risk of skin cancer. Any risks associated with DHA are widely-debated and remain purely speculative and, unlike sunbathing...

Faketan can help to create a barrier to the sun but doesn't protect itCredit: Getty - Contributor.