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the range of temperature for freezingofsaltwater mixture is -20 to -23 deg cel. called as eutectic temperature.

Best Answer: Yes, saltwater freezes. The temperature at which this happens depends on the salinity (amount ofsalt in the water). Ocean water is about 3.5% salt (mostly sodium chloride, just like table salt). At this salinity, thefreezingtemperature is about -2 degrees Celsius (about 28 degrees F), so...

This is because of the dissociation between the water molecules and the dissolved solute. The crystalline structure H2O forms when it freezes

Whatis occurring when salt melts the ice to make the temperature lower?

Salt melts ice essentially because adding salt lowers thefreezing point of the water. How does this melt ice? Here's what happens.

Thefreezing point of the water is lowered once the salt is added, so itthesalt makes it more difficult for water to freeze. A 10-percent salt solution freezes at 20 degrees Fahrenheit

As the temperatureof the water approaches -55 degrees F, the water molecules form tetrahedrons, with each molecule loosely bonding to four other

The salt content of the ice is almost non-existent, making it drinkable once melted. While it isthesalt content that causes the lower temperature for freezing, the salt does not freeze. As the salt molecules move in response to the temperature change, the water molecules freeze into crystals...

Thefreezing point of wateristhetemperature at which it changes from a liquid into a solid. Pure or distilled water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit

Most of us are probably aware that adding salt to water during cooking increases water’s boiling point, and this is also related to vapour pressure.

Whatisthe heat capacity ofsaltwater versus freshwater? It might make difference that way if saltwater at a given temperature holds more thermal

Ocean water is indeed a complex solution of mineral salts and of decayed biologic matter that results from the teeming life

Another factor that affects thefreezing of ocean water is its movement. Unlike ponds, ocean waves move around constantly.

The brine is so cold thatit easily freezes the ice cream mixture. But what about the places like Antarctica, Greenland, and Canada the fresh water in the air freezes to snow and falls onto the land without a melting season to

The experiment is ideal for demonstrating how salt depresses thefreezing point of water. It is also a good introduction to the theories of latent heat.

The reason is that although thefrozen water molecules, lined up into a crystal, have fewer ways to move around (lower "entropy") than the liquid molecules, they release heat when they

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