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Gift Theme Origins for WeddingAnniversaries. Weddings are a key event in any couple's life, as they bring together friends and relatives

The traditional giftfor this anniversary is ivory but unless you buy antique items or Elk ivory (scrimshaw) then you might be limited. Thinking outside the box anything to do with elephants would also be good, carvings, pictures? For something really spectacular what about a safari holiday in...

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14thweddinganniversary traditional and modern gifts by year of marriage. Great starting point for anniversary ideas even if you are not shopping by

The 25thWeddingAnniversary is known as the Silver Anniversary. It is a special one and there is definitely cause to be celebrating as most marriages do not make it to the 10

14th Anniversary Gift Ideas. Scroll down to images for ideas! Make your 14thweddinganniversary unique with an elephant theme or the timeless gift of gold.

The traditional weddinganniversarygift categories are not universally agreed upon. Some years offer a choice, depending on which source you look at. Here is a conglomeration of several sources to show the range of categories considered standard for the most commonly celebrated years.

Make her 14th anniversary a special one with our glazed rose 14 year anniversary gift ideas.

The meaning behind Ivory as your 14thAnniversaryGift is thatitisthe symbol of rarity and is highly sought after.

The contemporary giftfor 17thweddinganniversaries is thought to be furniture. If you are purchasing a giftfor a couple you know, make a mental note when visiting their home of any items of furniture they may be lacking or ask them directly what they might like for their anniversary in terms...

Popular weddinganniversarygiftsfor the 20th year anniversary obviously include china such as mugs, jugs, plates, bowls, vases, flower pots and candle holders.

4thWeddingAnniversaryGift Ideas. Make Your Fourth Anniversary Special.

Find the perfect 14 year anniversary gifts at Celebrate the ivory anniversary and send gifts to work, or have online gifts delivered.

Wedding isthe biggest milestone of one’s life and is celebrated every year in form of anniversary.

This list is about ivory weddinganniversarygiftsfor him. So, if you are a woman looking for ivory presents to give her husband, this isthe guide you are looking for!

Sparkling 15thweddinganniversary gifts. The theme that’s traditionally identified with a fifteenth weddinganniversary is crystal. A crystal decanter and matching glasses, a crystal bowl or vase would be perfect 15thweddinganniversarygiftsfor the couple in question.

Are you looking for a special 25thweddinganniversarygiftfor a couple of friends? Are your favourite aunt and uncle soon to celebrate such

Anniversary indeed isthe best time for the couple to reminisce the love that they have shared together through the years. One of the most important

Wedding memories arethe most special memories for every married couple.

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The flower linked with the 45th anniversaryisthe pretty blue iris, a gorgeous bloom which makes a fabulous floral display or bouquet for a loved one on this

For a 34thweddinganniversary, package star shaped chocolates in a box tied with a pretty opal colored ribbon. There are also several different brands of wine with the word opal in their name that would be a thoughtful gift when accompanied by a pair of wine glasses and a handwritten note...

WeddingAnniversaryGifts Ideas. The practice of giving certain materials for different wdding anniversaries dates back to medieval times.

Are you a traditionalist and struggling to find the perfect giftfor your spouse or a special couple? Never fear, Infoplease is here with the info you need!

Traditionally, the choice for14thweddinganniversarygift was ivory and people bought incredible carvings made from the tusks of elephants slaughtered for their ivory.

So, your 16thweddinganniversary is coming up and you're trying to decide what to get your significant other?

1st to the 90thWeddingAnniversaryGifts. Finding the perfect weddinganniversarygift is never easy, if you’re stuck for ideas then let the traditional

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In sticking with the 5thweddinganniversary tradition, these roses are as striking as they are symbolic. Wood roses symbolize passion and love, which is certainly what lasting relationships are

Here arethe 25th anniversary gift ideas for parents which are perfect items to make the couple happy. They can be sentimental reminders of their marriage.

Since it isthe silver weddinganniversary, the more conventional approach would be to send her items made of silver like a silver hairpin or a jewellery box.

Celebrating your 9thweddinganniversary? Shop our favorite symbolic gifts in the milestone's

The UK list featured below comes is whatis now today considered the list to go by. The traditional and modern U.S. versions below were

Beautiful personalized giftsfor the anniversary couple, your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend.