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Bio diesel is dieselfuel made from natural, renewable sources,re-claimed oils such as cooking oils from restaurants, vegetableoils and animal fats.

The cost ofdieselfuel to travel hundred and 70 miles is dependent upon the type of vehicle and thepriceof the diesel feel.

On-highway dieselfuelprices have been higher than regular-grade gasoline prices

The US National average for dieselfuel on 1/14/2008 was $3.326 per US gallon (approx. $0.876/liter), with the Rocky Mountain region beingthe lowest

Dieselfuel has an interesting origin because it was ignored as garbage for decades. Instead of seeing it as a valuable source of fuel, it was thrown away as an unusable byproduct of petroleum refining for more than 40 years. Etymology resources cite the term diesel as first being used as an adjective in...

Even if theprice goes up, dieselfuel would have to be 25 to 30 percent more expensive than gas to erase the cost advantage of a diesel engine’s greater

Since farmers in KS use dieselfuel-powered equipment to plant, harvest, and transport grain, an increase in thepriceof fuel may increase thepriceof bread o Nothing. All bread in Boulder, CO is produced with grain from locally-owned, wind powered, organic farm cooperatives.

Both gasoline and dieselfuel are produced from crude oil and therefore the cost of crude oil isthe main factor influencing gasoline and diesel prices. However, fuel prices also reflect refining costs, taxes, and distribution and marketing costs. Additionally, retail prices are affected by market demand.

Dieselfuel is a petroleum-based fuel that's used to power many types of vehicles and boats.

Dieselfuel has a varying density depending on the type ofdiesel; for instance, diesel 1D fuel has a density of 54.6 pounds per cubic foot.

So.... whatis up with fuelprices, and where are they going. As silly as this sounds, the 'best' price I have for fuel right now, is on the PA turnpike, of all places. (we'll see if that changes this week, cause I'm going to need some fuel.)

In the cases ofdiesel and gasoline, they are both motor fuels, and as such, they are to be used only in engines. This is important, because there is a derivitive of

Dieselfuel, combustible liquid used as a fuel for diesel engines, ordinarily obtained from fractions of crude oil that are less volatile than the fractions used in gasoline. Synthetic diesel, made from natural gas, and biodiesel, from biomass, are also used. Learn about diesel grades, efficiency, and pollution.

Dieselfuel in an unleaded engine wouldn't work because the dieselfuel won't burn in an unleaded fuel engine.

Remember to consider the weight ofdieselfuel when scaling a truck! More than once, I’ve noticed a new driver scale his rig after loading, finding his

Information and translations ofdieselfuel in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

All the sundry hydrocarbon constituents ofdieselfuel are measured and indexed to cetane's base 100 rating.

The level of taxation applied to fuelisthe same anywhere in the UK so is itthe same price in the Scottish Highlands as at just off the M25?

A popular fuel source, diesel is used in diesel engines, which are primarily found in larger vehicles and trucks. Some cars, as well as some power and

Whatisthe reason that gasoline and fuel prices are so high? Most people believe it is because of OPEC raising the…show more content…

Historically, thepriceofdieselfuel at the pump actually has been higher than that of regular gasoline more often than it has been lower, as can be seen in this chart, which is based on weekly statistics from the federal Energy Information Administration.