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Mini was previously part of the British Motor Corporation (BMC) until 2000. Mini was relaunched by BMW after they bought the rights to the name.

Find out whatkindof dog amini Pinscher actually is with help from a certified professional dog trainer in this free video clip. Expert: Toni Drugmand Contact: Bio: Toni Drugmand has beena certified professional dog trainer since 1985. Drugmand has won numerous titles and...

be more specific we got no idea whatkindofcar your talking about diffrent car = diffrent ways so please relist question with car or bike or truck be

Hm. We may never know. If only there wasan easy way to identify this vehicle’s brand.

Minis may be the most unreliable car made today, possibly ever. Check out the actual owner reports in the source.

Carsarea big thing in our lives and its funny the way we act like our car we buy. whatkindofcarare you? Is mostly asking how do you take care of

You pick different questions about what you would do with your car and how you would take car of it.

If not cat then what kinc of transportation do you use to get around?

Find out whatkindofcar you should get by taking this quiz before you buy your new car.

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hi , i want a fairly used car, vw golf, as my first car. but I'm being advised not buy a golf because they are known to overheat an our hot naija climate. how true is this? whatkindofcar should one buy as a first car? pls help me out, i dont know anything about cars.

1.Whatkindof books do you read? 2.What type of (a) carare you looking for? Is "books" alwasy plural? I suppose so. Is "a" in 2 obligatory?

People buy cars for many reasons, whether it be affordability, eco-friendliness, horsepower or advanced features and styling. Take this quiz to find out whatkindofcaris right for you, based on your preferences, personality, favorite movie and favorite beverage.

There are hundreds of vehicles available for purchase. How do you know which is the best car for you to buy? Use this blueprint to help you make up your mind.

Dagenais said: Whatkind? My favourite car company is Jeep :) Click to expand... Toyota 4 Runner.

Carsare reflections of our needs, priorities and lifestyles. They’re also one of the largest investments we make, both financially and time-wise.

The great thing about carsis that they're pretty unique. Some carsare small and fast, while others are big and powerful. So if you werea car, what