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Ifyourcar has electrical windows, they should continue to function for a few minutes after you enter

When yourcar starts really sinking, the differential between the pressure outside the car and inside the car makes opening the door impossible.

Wondering what you should doifyourcar won't start? Follow these simple steps to diagnose the problem, find a solution, and get back on the road.

When you were driving on the road, suddenly the road caved in and yourcar sinked into the hole. What would you do? Jan 12, 2013 12:04.

WhatToDo? All things considered, it can't be a bad thing to have a bit of knowledge that just might save your life one day. Sure, it's not as cool as surviving a shark attack, but it's far more likely to be a problem!

How to escape from a sinkingcar in order to survive in an accident . You’d better make sure you know whattodo in that situation.

IfYourCar Starts Sinking Under Water, Here’s How to Save Your Own Life.

If you continue to overheat, turn on the heater and blower: Doing so transfers the heat from the engine to the passenger compartment of the vehicle. (This does wonders for your overheated engine but very little for you!) If you’re stopped in traffic and the temperature gauge is rising, shift into Neutral or...

Would you know whattodoifyourcar was sinking? Here are some tips on how to get out alive. 1. Avoid flooded areas.

If you find yourself in a sinkingcar, what is the first thing you should do to maximize your chances of survival? As strange the question sounds, knowing the answer beforehand may help you save your and your loved ones’ lives if you are ever faced with the unfortunate situation.

Ifyourcar has been immersed in water more than halfway up its wheels, follow these 10 steps to assess and address the damage.

Knowing yourcar window’s pressure points and the difference between the tempered and untempered glass is what is going to save your life.

Do not try to break windows to get out. If water pressure has not equalized, glass will explode inward toward you or other occupants.

Also try to sponge away what water you can. If at all possible, try to avoid filing an insurance claim until you're positive yourcar should be totaled.

To help you know whattodoifyourcar overheats, here are 5 easy steps. First, always carry an extra bottle of coolant (also called antifreeze) in your

So, what do you doifyourcar ends up getting towed? What are the legal procedures for getting it back? This guide delves into the details you need to

If a budget offers permission to spend, a sinking fund offers encouragement to spend—and to spend big!

Knowing how to escape from a sinkingcar could save your life someday. The Evac 3 Survival Tool for me is the best car window breaker and can

If the rear of yourcar happens to swerve out to one side or the other of the front end of the vehicle, you'll need to compensate by steering somewhat. Do not crank the steering wheel one way or another, however.