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Update 2: mypotatoes are in tires, if i start diggingi might have to keep going... i dont want to mess upmy first try at growing spuds.

Don't know when to harvest your potatoes? Well very soon you will! Take a look at my Facebook page: https

My question is when is the right time for us to digup our crop? We have noticed that we still have a few babies that have yet to form into larger spuds.”

How should I store my harvested potatoes? Like most tubers, potatoes detest moisture so after washing them you will need to dry them completely and then store them in

Digging for potatoes, however, is less popular, especially among those of us with bad backs.

Potatoes can tolerate light frost, but when the first hard frost is expected, it’s time to get out the shovels. In areas where the fall is cool, but without

Seed potatoes can be obtained from a neighbor's potato patch or purchased from garden centers.

Hi everyone, hoping someone can help me out here. I have an established kitchen garden in its third year now, no till. everything going great. I have found that with growing potatoes, the old "trench and heaping" method works the best, but of course does not conform to the rest of the no dig method I am...

When the potato plant has died around late August or September it can be gently dugup to harvest the potatoes. Earlier in the season (Around July)

I’ve been wanting to can up some potatoes this year so we have super easy to grab, ready-made side dishes and meals this winter. WhenI spotted a deal on a 50-pound bag of organic potatoesI grabbed it. For canning potatoes, you will need a pressure canner, not a hot water bath canner.

Potatoes can be cooked in many ways such as mashed, roasted, fried, etc. Follow up on these

When you plant your garden how long is it suppose to take before your potatoes are ready to digup?

When to Plant Potatoes. Potatoes should be planted in early spring. Potato plants are grown from “seed

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In fact, when we harvested the first round of potatoes, they looked fine but as they sat waiting for me to can them for a couple days, many of them turned green.

WhenI was a kid, my grandfather kept an amazing garden – two gardens, in fact. Regardless of the season, it seemed like there was always a bounty of fresh

Would a g-hog digup a potato patch and eat all the spuds? Never in all my years have I seen anything like it.

My question is, how will I know when to digup the potatoes? A: First of all, I love the fact that you decided to plant the potatoes instead of just tossing them

Growing potatoes in a trash can or barrel allows you to produce a lot of food in a very small location.

At a PotatoDigging. I. A mechanical digger wrecks the drill, Spins up a dark shower of roots and mould. Labourers swarm in behind, stoop to fill.

Mine fall over when we get a heavy rain. Frank said that’s because they’re not hilled up enough. Don’t they normally fall over in heavy rains? I read that 2 weeks after they start flowering, you can digup new potatoes. I may see if I can find a couple. I would love to know what’s going on under that soil.

Carefully digup one or two hills of potatoes and pick up some of the tubers. Rub the skin with your thumb or fingers.