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This test shows your hearing “threshold” or the point where you can’t hear any more. This thresholds are recorded for both ears separately as two separate

HearingTest: this test includes threshold testing with pure tones, by air and bone conduction.

Read on for our tell-all blog about where to get a hearingtest and where you can find an independent audiologist or audiology franchise.

WherecanIgetmy free hearingtest? There are several High Street Companies who offer free hearingtests some of which are listed below. Boots Hearingcare have over 100 hearing centres on the High Street across the UK and always have special offers on their own hearing aid range should...

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You can use DIY hearingtest CDs like this one to perform periodic checks on your hearing.Technical Editor Hugh Robjohns replies: You can get your

Who checks a childshearing? My daughter has a few learning difficulties that have just recently been addressed. I would like to take her to get her sight and

Q. “WherecanIgetmyhearingtest to program my new hearing aids?” A. Hearingtests can be done by any licensed hearing aid specialist or audiologist in your local area. Some stores like Costco, Sam’s Club, Sears or Walmart have in-store locations, but otherwise, you can have it done anywhere...

CanIget financing? Some hearing devices are not fully covered by all insurances, so it is important to find a professional that can offer you a finance program that

Sunshine Hearing is a hearing clinic located in Coolangatta, south end of the Gold Coast, in QLD Australia. There are two highly qualified audiologists who strive to help patients get the best quality of life through diagnosis and treatment of hearing problems.

Hearing problems can be overcome if they're caught early, so it's important to get your child'shearing screened early and checked regularly.

Can tinnitus affect my hearingtest? Tinnitus can affect your hearingtest by making it harder for you to identify certain words and pitches associated with the test, but the good news is that hearing professionals are trained to administer tests to those who have tinnitus.

To get ISRCs: ISCRs get assigned to your project at the inspection stage. If you need your ISRCs sooner, you can submit a request and...

Your newborn will gethearingtests. Find out what happens, what the results mean, and what to expect.

My Dad (aged 69) has suffered hearing loss over the last few years and it has got worse and worse but he refuses to get a hearing aid. He finally had a test with the doctor last year but apart from the tuning fork he apparently heard everything so the doctor said he didn't need one. Very frustrating as he can't...

You can find out everything you need to know about hearingtest here: Where you can have a hearingtest done, what is involved in a hearingtest, and how

Could IT be your hearing? People who suffer from untreated hearing loss often find it extremely difficult to participate in social activities, even within

What can cause hearing problems for my baby? WherecanIget support and information about

You can find out everything you need to know about hearingtest here: Where you can have a hearingtest done

I just had a hearingtest, at the age of 27, and it turns out I'm slightly deaf in my left ear. Fortunately it's temporary (I have seriously impacted wax that needs to be syringed out by a doctor), but I kept delaying gettingmyhearingtested because, hey, nobody loses their hearing in their 20s. I must have been...