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Usually a Tall person would have a large foot and probably it is help him attain a higher degree of balance with higher sizes. a Size 11 for men itself is not unusual and it is fairly common to find shoes that are in size range from 10–12 everywhere in Men’s shoes department.

What size are the shoes you wear now? If they feel wrong, go to a shoe store and get measured, and try shoes on until you are confident that you have shoes that fit.

6feet 6 inches is equal to 198.12 cm. To calculate this, there are 12 inches in a foot. So 6feet 6 inches is 78 inches. There are also 2.54 centimeters in an inch, so you should just multiply 78 by 2.54 to get your answer of 198.12 centimeters.

At 6feet, you're a fairly tall guy. Selecting a bike that's correctly sized for your proportions is

Use TenFeetTall’s foot size guide for your child’s shoe size. Our shoe size guide for kids uses UK and EU sizing.

A variation of this riddle could be "John is 6feettall, wears size10 shoes and is an assistant at a butcher shop. What does he weigh?"

Understanding how your foot compares to the standard sizes will ensure your shoes fit perfectly, whether you buy them in person or order them online.

Will I be ok riding a 54 cm frame when I'm 6", and have a 33cm inseam? The stem on the bike is about an inch longer than a typical stem. I'm getting the bike at next to nothing -- a hand me down from a friend, a 1990 colnago sprint, only costing...

Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Marina on average weight for a6foottall male: It depends on your body composition

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...feettall and weighs 80 pounds Fita linear equation to the points and estimate the weight of a person who is 5.5

But the ring she wants has a minimum of size 5. I know her finger will get a bit bigger over time so a size 5 should work okay, right?

Size10: Tall/Slim. Lean with some shape, neither skinny, nor muscle-bound, average torso.