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Learn more about the FullMoon of August 2019—including Moon phase dates, best

Other names for this FullMoon include Grain Moon, Green Corn Moon, Fruit Moon, and Barley

Ice MoonAugust: Snow Moon, Storm Moon, Hunger Moon, Wolf Moon September: Worm Moon

August’s fullmoon coincides with the Hungry Ghosts Festival, which is when the gates of hell open up and the hungry dead once again walk amongst the living.

This August’s FullMoon will be invisible to the naked eye before it rises at 1.29pm BST on Thursday, August 15. The eighth FullMoon of the year will then peek over the horizon from 8.47pm BST...

The August 2018 fullmoon in Pisces is a time when the distinction between fantasy and reality begins to fade. The spiritual and the material … they may seem like polar opposites, but the lines separating...

The next fullmoon will be on August 15th, 2019 at 8:29 AM ET. See our FullMoon Calendar, for all the fullMoon dates, names, and times for 2019.

The FullMoon in community-minded Aquarius on August 7, 2017, is a Lunar Eclipse that makes it difficult to separate proud declarations of global concerns from unnecessary ego-centered threats.

Find out the date, how long in days until and count down to since FullMoon (August 2018) with a countdown clock.

On the first FullMoon of August, all lights reflect upon Lake Elemi and sparkle magically upon its surface. Are you ready to dive into the sacred and magical waters of Nemoralia?

AugustFullMoon – initiation to Fairy Magic. Our Mage reminds us the Power of the FullMoon of August here in a detailed article.

So, under the light of the AugustFullMoon, we are going to take things a bit slower and easier. We are going to give ourselves time to digest and process all the energies.

The Pisces FullMoon on August 26-27th is set to be one of the best this year and will help to ease any

August 26th: Fullmoon in Pisces-the balance between serving the physical and the spiritual. August 27th: Mars stations direct in Capricorn-the time to push forward has come. Putting your goals into...

Keep track of the fullmoon with our FullMoon Calendar!

Above: August 25, 2018 fullmoon from Terry Lee Smith, who wrote: “… smoky fullmoon in Tyhee, Idaho. Our air quality has been extremely poor for the past several weeks due to the numerous...

Tomorrow night (August 29), the Full Sturgeon Moon rises around sunset across the world. The name comes from the association Great Lakes Indian groups made between the Augustmoon and the...

Since August's fullmoon arrives in time with the start of the traditional harvest season, it's spiritually associated with reaping what you sow — or, more literally, seeing your work finally pay off.