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PokemonSwordandShield have just been announced via the Pokemon Direct on February 27th, 2019! We'll be cataloging all of the currently known information on the game, including names of the starters, future release date, and everything else we can get our hands on!

Some alleged art featuring PokemonSwordandShield's evolved starter Pokemon have surfaced, but are these concepts fan art or the real McCoy? The latest pair of core Pocket Monster titles were announced during a dedicated Nintendo Direct presentation on February 27, which confirmed a...

PokemonSwordandShield were revealed this week for Nintendo Switch, but it turns out Game Freak teased the games back in October.

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PokemonSwordandShield's Galar region is home to the 8th Generation of Pokemon. This region seems to take heavy inspiration from the United Kingdom, primarily England. As seen in the Galar Region Map below, the area features a railroad system that connects towns, and plenty of scenic land...

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Yes, PokemonSwordandShield are the upcoming Generation 8 main entries in the series. Although plenty of Pokemon games have made it to console, this will be the first time the main series releases on a platform other than Nintendo’s handheld line – and it’s about time, too. As such, you can expect...

The three starters in PokemonSwordand Pokemon Shield are: Grookey (left): Grass Chimp Pokemon. This mischievous Pokemon is full of boundless curiosity.

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PokemonSwordandShield news has hit a lull since the initial reveal in February. While more announcements are expected next month, some potentially information

Back in February 2019, both PokemonSwordandShield were revealed for the first time in their own mini Direct.

Pokemon has sent out a call to arms with the reveal of the new Gen 8 games on the Nintendo Switch, PokemonSwordand Pokemon Shield. We’re going to point out all of the new and returning mechanics, what the trailer tells us about the new region...

Anyone else as excited about PokemonSwordandShield as I am? I definitely don't have the Galar map as the wallpaper on my phone.

We might not be getting Metroid Prime 4 this year, but PokemonSwordand Pokemon Shield should help to tide over Switch owners this holiday season.

Nintendo has just announced PokemonSwordand Pokemon Shield at the Pokemon focused Nintendo Direct.

Pokemonswordand Pokemon shield It will be in the galar region,which is heavily based on UK Gyms have returned,graphics look amazing,new features,huge cities,anime like Pokemon fields. There are new Pokemon too. Here's the trailer.