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Following government intervention, Whirlpool has now agreed to finally recall the up to 800,000 faulty tumble dryers that could catch fire, some four years after safety concerns were first raised.

The government is to issue an "unprecedented" recall notice of up to 500,000 Whirlpool tumble dryers which pose a fire safety risk. It comes four years after Whirlpool issued a warning after it found its...

The recall comes more than three years on from a Which? investigation, which revealed Whirlpool tumble dryers had caused 750 fires in the previous 11 years. David Chaplin, Which? head of...

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Whirlpool is recalling tumbler dryers sold under the Hotpoint, Indesit, Swan, Creda and Proline brands sold between 2004 and 2015. This is a follow on from the previous safety notices regarding...

Whirlpool is to issue a product recall of its faulty tumble dryers that haven't yet been modified, the Office for Product Safety and Standards has announced.

Whirlpool to issue product recall of unmodified tumble dryers: consumers with an unmodified, affected tumble dryer will be entitled to new replacement machine.

Now that Whirlpool has launched a recall, customers who haven't yet had their tumble dryers modified have the following remedies to choose from: A free replacement dryer - you can choose between a...

Whirlpool is recalling tumble dryers over fire risk concerns after it was ordered by the government to take action. If you have a Whirlpool tumble dryer, this is what you need to know.

More action is needed to recallWhirlpool's fire-risk tumble dryers before someone dies, according to a leading Trading Standards officer.

Some of Whirlpool’s dryer brands including Hotpoint, Indesit, and Creda now face a bit of scrutiny

Whirlpool are now carrying out a Product Recall on any tumble dryers that remain unmodified. Here’s what you need to do. If you think you have a tumble dryer that could be impacted by the product recall

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